5 Actors Who Should Totally Play James Bond If Daniel Craig Leaves The Role


It's no big secret Daniel Craig really doesn't want to play James Bond anymore.

Like, really. In a Time Out London interview last fall, he said,

I'd rather break this glass and slash my wrists [than play Bond again].

Craig turned down around $100 million to star in two new "Bond" movies, according to Daily Mail.

I personally loved Craig as Bond. I thought he had a great, quiet charisma and ruggedness to him that gave the legendary character a much-needed revitalization.

But we have to respect people's needs, and it seems clear Craig needs to get out of the 007 action. So here are some suggestions of who could take over the role from here.

Idris Elba


Honestly, we could just end this list right here and call it a day. So many people have called for Idris Elba to take over as Bond it's almost a joke at this point.

Elba brings class and gravitas with every swaggering step of his being. He's graceful with a quiet power -- exactly right for Bond.

Plus, as an added bonus, obviously this casting would revolutionize the classic series. So far, 007 has been played by a lineup of white guys, and the series really doesn't have much diversity throughout.

This could be a great step forward for inclusivity that would show some progress since the first movie premiered five decades ago.

Michael Fassbender


I swear my heart skips a beat every time I hear Michael Fassbender's name. That's the exact quality we need in a Bond -- someone entirely swoon-worthy.

Fassbender proved his action-movie chops with "Prometheus" and "X-Men." Not to mention, he's an incredibly gifted and subtle actor, as he's shown in movies as varied as "Jane Eyre" and "Inglourious Basterds."

And thanks to "Shame," we know he's got some, uh, hidden powers. Bring it on, Fassbender.

Oscar Isaac


I'm pretty sure the whole world fell in love with Oscar Isaac thanks to last winter's new "Star Wars." Unfortunately, that means he's probably too tied up in that franchise to take on Bond, but it'd be an awesome option.

Isaac is an incredibly endearing on-screen presence who has that silent control Bond exudes, like we saw in "Star Wars."

Like with Elba, casting Guatemalan Isaac would add some much-needed diversity to the "Bond" series, which would be pretty cool.

Charlize Theron


Yeah, I know what you're thinking: Charlize Theron would be a great Bond girl!

But here's the thing: If Bond can be played by a variety of different dudes, what's to say Bond can't be a woman?

This argument comes up with another classic British series "Doctor Who." In the show, The Doctor comes back to life with a new body, and yet every time, it's a male body.

There is no logical reason within the constraints of these series' realities that says a woman in these roles isn't possible.

The "Bond" series has already dealt with gender bending, like when Judi Dench took over the role of M.

Theron would be an excellent 007. "Mad Max" showed she's got the action qualifications, and her icy demeanor in many other films shows she's got that stealth, cold power of Bond.

Charlie Hunnam


Of course, if you don't want the franchise to do anything revolutionary, there are still good options like Charlie Hunnam.

Hunnam has done a series of action films, and he oozes strength in "Sons of Anarchy." He's on the younger side for Bonds, so we could have more consistency with him than with, say, someone a bit older like Craig.

But also like Craig, he's on the rugged side of handsome. He makes sense as a smooth transition from Craig to keep with a similar Bond character.

Not to mention, Hunnam was originally slated to play Christian Grey, so we know he's got that sex appeal thing going.

Who do you think should be the next Bond?

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