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Aaron Clancy on 'Bachelor In Paradise'

Aaron Left Paradise With The 1 Contestant Fans Think Is Perfect For Him

Twitter is so here for their bromance.


Could it be? Is a happy ending really in the cards for Aaron Clancy on Bachelor In Paradise? The answer is yes, yes, a thousand times yes... just not in the way you might expect. Aaron did indeed leave Paradise with his soulmate on his arm (well, on his back, really), and fans are over the moon. But it wasn’t Tia Booth who he chose to ride off into the sunset with. Instead, Aaron and James Bonsall’s bromance took center stage on Bachelor in Paradise. And viewers were totally here for it.

Shortly after James called it quits with his BIP beau Anna Redman, he told the camera he had every intention of leaving Paradise with someone. “That’s what I’m gonna do,” James said, before grabbing Aaron and convincing him to join James on a flight back to San Diego.

"My man, I love you," James said. "I don't know where you're at with Tia… We came in together, we’ve got to ride out together." And that’s exactly what they did.

It took minimal convincing for Aaron to turn to Tia — who he’d just kissed during a prom-themed group date and then given a rose — and let her know he’d be heading out with James. All of a sudden, Aaron was literally sprinting over to Tia and pulling her aside, not even bothering to sit her down for their convo.

"I have to do this fast," Aaron said, still panting. "I actually care about you, but James is waiting right now, so we're about to bounce back to SD." He then asked for her number as Tia, wide-eyed and laughing, said, “Are you sh*tting me right now?”

It was hilarious and adorable and a little unhinged. And fans were totally here for it.

It may not be the happy ending Aaron and James (or, well, anyone) expected — and it’s definitely not the one Anna or Tia planned for. But from many fans’ perspectives, it’s the ending these lovebirds (lovebros?) deserved. Cheers to an everlasting bromance!