Gary in 'A Million Little Things' Season 4, Episode 1

Looks Like Gary's In Trouble In This A Million Little Things Promo

What exactly happened with Peter?!


A Million Little Things fans know how hot-headed Gary can be. Although his impulsive and often visceral emotions stem from his deep love for his friends and family, they don’t always lead to the best outcomes, like his rash decision to attack Sophie’s (Lizzy Greene) music teacher, Peter (Andrew Leeds), in the Season 3 finale. And unfortunately, in the A Million Little Things Season 4, Episode 2 promo, it looks like Gary’s past will soon catch up to him.

Gary blamed himself for Sophie’s traumatic experience with Peter in Season 3. Not only did he promise Delilah (Stephanie Szostak) he’d protect her kids, Sophie and Danny (Chance Hurstfield), while she was in France, but he was also the reason Peter took Sophie on as a student. The guilt and anger he felt toward Peter reached its pinnacle after the police department revealed they didn’t have enough evidence to charge the music instructor with a crime. So, unsurprisingly, Gary took matters into his own hands and showed up at Peter’s house in the final moments of Season 3.

In the Season 4 premiere, it’s revealed Gary (or at least someone associated with Gary) beat up Peter so badly, the music teacher ended up in a coma. It was only a matter of time before the cops contacted Gary, and in the promo for Episode 2, that’s exactly what happens. When Gary makes light of the situation, the cop responds by saying, “Eventually this guy is going to wake up, and he can tell us himself what happened,” which doesn’t bode well for Gary, like, at all.

However, the Season 4 premiere included a flashback showing that Gary didn’t act alone at Peter’s home. Christopher Gregory (Michael Weston) — the father of Layla, a student who died by suicide after Peter assaulted her — was there too. This new detail changes things, as now it’s unclear whether the two men acted together in harming Peter, or if only one of them took things too far.

This Peter situation could really hinder Gary’s plans to move forward with Darcy (Floriana Lima), considering they are getting ready to start a new life together and even have a child. But Gary isn’t the only one going through it. Much of Season 3 depicted Eddie (David Giuntoli) learning to adapt to his new lifestyle in a wheelchair. By the Season 4 premiere, Eddie seemed well adjusted — even happy, despite his separate from Katherine (Grace Park). But the Episode 2 promo finds Eddie obsessing over the mysterious call he received in the Season 3 finale by a woman who claimed to be the person who hit him in the accident that injured him. In the promo, Eddie analyzes the audio from the phone call and discovers the name of the grocery store the woman was working at when she left the message, implying that he may soon pay her a visit.

And finally, Season 4 promises new beginnings for Regina. Although she had to close the doors to her restaurant last season, the Episode 2 promo reveals the chef has been applying to new jobs. Here’s hoping she lands one in this economy.

A Million Little Things continues Wednesday, Sept. 29, at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.