Katherine from A Million Little Things Season 3, Episode 16

Katherine Is Moving On From Eddie In This New A Million Little Things Promo

IDK how to feel about this.

ABC/Jack Rowand

After a season full of losses — Katherine (Grace Park) is finally putting herself first. Viewers have watched the attorney attempt to salvage her marriage with Eddie (David Giuntoli) this season after his relapse while also juggling trying to parent Theo (Tristan Byon) and opening up her new law practice. The result? A stressed-out and unhappy Katherine. But the A Million Little Things Season 3, Episode 16 promo teases a new side of the mom that may surprise viewers.

Throughout Season 3, Katherine has found comfort in her colleague and friend Alan (Terry Chen), who also knew Jon (Ron Livingston). Although their relationship started off contentiously, Alan proved to be there for her when Eddie could not be. So, it was no surprise when, in Episode 13, Katherine skipped Eddie’s welcome home dinner (upon his exit from rehab) to meet Alan at a hotel instead — to be precise, the same hotel that Eddie and Delilah (Stephanie Szostak) would meet at during their affair. Later that night, Katherine came home and told Eddie their marriage was over.

And now, the Episode 16 promo teases her going on her first date in over 12 years, with Alan. Viewers are bound to feel conflicted about Katherine’s new relationship, but the promo shows her excitedly telling Darcy (Floriana Lima) about her new beau, and it’s a nice change to see her smiling for once this season.

Unfortunately, Eddie isn’t doing as well as his wife. After Katherine stated she’s uncomfortable leaving Theo in his father’s care, Eddie moved in with Gary (James Roday Rodriguez) who promised to supervise the father-son visits. But things clearly aren’t going to plan as Eddie laments not being able to keep a promise to Theo in the promo. Although the situation is unclear, it’s unsurprising as the former rockstar has struggled to be the father and husband he once was this entire season.

But there’s more going on outside this couple. With there only being one more episode until the season finale, it’s no surprise Rome (Romany Malco) and Regina (Christina Moses) find themselves in a very stressful situation. After the coronavirus pandemic stripped the couple from financial security — Rome lost his movie deal and Regina’s restaurant struggled — the promo shows Regina overwhelmed by their dire financial situation.

However, it’s the final moments of the promo that are perhaps the most strange, as it depicts Sophie (Lizzy Greene) walking into a room to find Layla sitting at her desk — that’s right, the teen who died by suicide after working with Sophie’s guitar teacher Peter (Andrew Leeds) a year earlier. The moment — most likely a dream sequence, but who knows? — comes after Sophie confronted Layla’s parents about Peter’s abuse in Episode 15.

A Million Little Things continues Wednesday, June 2, at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.