This Detail We All Missed In The '90s Show 'Arthur' Will Mess With Your Head

by Kate Ryan

If you ever watched the adorable cartoon "Arthur" as a kid, then you know there were a few inconsistencies that didn't quite add up. Like what kind of animal is Arthur anyway? (OK, he's an aardvark, but still...) And how are all these kids hanging out without eating each other?

Those lingering questions aside, there was one detail we all definitely missed that might make your brain explode.


His ears are clearly not in the middle of his face and yet his headphones are miles away from his ears. Somehow, it's taken 20 freaking years to notice this major discrepancy. Does that mean we've suddenly stopped suspending our disbelief? Is there hope for any of us? What's actually happening?!

It's not just Arthur who has some headphone issues either...

This problem obviously runs deeper than we initially thought. Way deeper...

Luckily, someone raised a very valid point that puts this whole debacle in perspective...

We can try just going with the flow on this one, but there are no guarantees I won't lie wide awake all night wondering how Arthur ever listened to Mozart or NSYNC or whoever. But that's just me.

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