5SOS Had The Best Reaction When A Reporter Brought Up Her 'Pussy' (Video)

Reporters looking to discuss their cat lady status with 5 Seconds of Summer might want to choose their words very carefully.

When Belgian journalist Jolien Roets chatted with the Aussie band about their guilty pleasures, she shared her love of her ginger cat.

Roets caught her phraseology mistake too late, saying,

Mine is playing with my… I was going to say 'pussy' but I meant my cat! I MEANT MY CAT!

The band members screamed in response before making all of their answers to the original inquiry "masturbating."

Guitarist Luke Hemmings replied,

That was f*cking awesome. That was the most incredible interview moment of my life.

Now fans know more than they ever hoped to learn about how 5SOS spends downtime on tour.