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16 Times The Grinch Perfectly Summed Up How We Really Feel (Photos)

Judge the Grinch if you want, but if you take a closer look, you may find you have more in common with the grumpy, green monster than you realized.

His heart may have grown three sizes, but yours remains a shriveled raisin of a vital organ.

1. Deleting contacts from your phone and feeling positively liberated

2. Leaving drinks with friends early for Taco Bell and Netflix solo

3. Listening to your Tinder date explain he's “just not feeling it”

4. Finding a Band-Aid in your room that does. not. belong. to you

5. Sitting at the bar while your friends are tryna get it in with hot randos

6. Getting stuck in ANOTHER conversation with Stephanie about her charity for birds with low self-esteem

7. Realizing you ate six cupcakes and their wrappers

8. Waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of your roommate having loud sex

9. Pretending you have plans just to avoid your friend's improv show

10. Sitting unshowered on the couch for 10 hours straight and binge-watching old episodes of “The X-Files”

11. Scrolling upon a Facebook video of a puppy learning to climb stairs

12. Getting day-drunk and going back to your job as a commercial pilot

13. Walking past any reflective surface

14. Accepting comped shots from your favorite local bartender

15. Making it to the gym for the first time all year…in December

16. Convincing your best friend to let you fix her bangs

Face it, rage is the only way to manage the minutiae of everyday life.

So what if no one would touch you with a 39.5-foot pole?

You don't want to be touched. You want to live in solitude in your echoey cave with just your dog to keep you company.

Keep that heart an empty hole.