'13 Reasons Why' Producers Reveal Details About Who Will Narrate Season 2


Get ready to hear from some new people next season on 13 Reasons Why. The team behind the Netflix breakout series just revealed which character the viewers are going to be primarily hearing from in Season 2... or should I say, characters.

Executive producer Tom McCarthy dropped a hint for fans at an Emmys event. He says the second season will shift narration duties from Season 1 storyteller Hannah Baker to multiple characters, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


Netflix already revealed last month that although Katherine Langford's character, Hannah Baker, will still be involved in the story of Season 2, the new run of episodes will be narrated by a different character. But when McCarthy was asked about the shift in narrators, he hinted that it wouldn't be just one character at the center of the season this time, but a few.

There probably will be more than one... There are 12 kids who have another version of those events that we actually haven't heard from yet.

It's a particularly interesting update for fans of the show, as many have already begun to theorize about who might take over as the main character of the new season. I personally have my own theories: Alex surviving his suicide attempt and taking over narrating duties? Jessica becoming more vocal about her case against Bryce? Tyler explaining what's up with all those guns?


But now that the possibilities have opened up to multiple narrators, we'll probably hear from all of those standout characters in some capacity.

Stars Katherine Langford and Dylan Minnette also had some ideas for who they'd like to see narrate some of the new episodes. Langford noted that it would be interesting to hear from more obscure side characters such as Skye. Minnette added he thinks viewers heard enough of his character Clay in Season 1, and he doesn't need him to get narrating duties in the new season.


Although Hannah is seen as the narrator of Season 1, it could be argued the first season did have multiple narrators in both Hannah and Clay, so the "shift" to multiple narrators isn't too dramatic for 13 Reasons Why. Still, it'll be really interesting to see who's going to be telling the story this time around.