Alisha Boe On Jessica's Rape In '13 Reasons Why'

Since it first aired on March 31, 2017, "13 Reasons Why" is responsible for igniting worldwide conversations about teen suicide, depression, rape and sexual assault.

The Netflix hit, based on the book written by Jay Asher, follows the story of Hannah Baker's life through tapes she left behind after committing suicide.


The tapes are left to classmates Hannah felt drove her to the point of no return, and her harrowing story highlights many "taboo" issues millions of teenagers are faced with.

Specifically, the issues of sexual assault and rape.

Former Vice President Joe Biden was recently the keynote speaker at an It's On Us event and was joined by Alisha Boe, who plays Jessica Davis on "13 Reasons Why."

The It's On Us initiative, started by Barack Obama and Joe Biden, works to raise awareness to help put an end to sexual assault, and "13 Reasons Why" has partnered with the important campaign.

It's On Us on YouTube

Elite Daily had the chance to speak with Alisha Boe and Joy Gorman, the executive producer of "13 Reasons Why," after the It's On Us event to discuss the role of rape culture in our society, the intersection between It's On Us and "13 Reasons Why" and the backlash Alisha's character, Jessica Davis, has faced by the public.

How did "13 Reasons Why" develop this partnership with the It's On Us campaign?


Alisha, how did you prepare to play such an intense character like Jess?

What's it been like reading the criticism of Jess's character online?


What other types of fan reactions have you received?

"13 Reasons Why" is streaming now on Netflix.