These 8 Women Got Brutal AF About Casual Dating Site Turn-Offs

Danil Nevsky

Have you ever joined a casual dating site or used a hook-up app?

Well, rumor (ahem) has it they are an eye-opening experience everyone has to try at least once (on paid dating sites, females often get free full memberships).

I asked eight women who have used no-strings dating sites to tell me about their top turn offs. If there were an emoticon for some of these, it would definitely be the monkey with his hands over his eyes. These ladies don't hold back.

1. Duck-Face Selfies In Bathrooms

Oh hey, you. Duck-face, over there with the grubby toilet seat up and your clothes in a heap on the floor. I def. want to screw you with a pad like that...

-Heather, 20

Pro tip: Clean your room. Think about where you take that selfie, and what is in the background of the shot. Women notice details.

And newsflash: Women like guys who look friendly so ditch that duck-face, and show us a cheeky grin instead.

2. Webcam Selfies In Dark Rooms, Using The Glow Of The Computer Screen As A Flash

Creepy AF. Not sexy at all. Turn a light on.

-Carrie, 23

Pro tip: Stop being creepy -- you'll get more responses!

3. Letting Your Dick Do All The Intros

No matter how horny I was feeling, I'm pretty sure if someone came all at me in a club asking me to f%ck them before they even said hi, I'd say 'hell no, Mofo'. So, why do some blokes think it's ok to do that online? Even though I'm on a no-strings dating app, and I'm clearly after one thing, I like to be respected. If you actually want to get laid, I expect you to get to know me just slightly first.

Abby, 24

Pro tip: when you're messaging a girl for the first time on a casual dating site, be polite, humorous and let her take the lead if she wants to.

4. Believing You'll Be The Best I've Ever Had

“Oh you say your stamina is “that of a racehorse”. That your “dick is larger than most men” (erm, how would you know that, anyway?!), and you would be the best I'd ever had. Well here's a thing. Cockiness does not turn me on, and where are your product reviews before I purchase ;) Woman's sexual arousal usually starts outside the bedroom, so if you want to get me horny, you need to stop promoting that you're the bee's knees and tell me what turns you on about ME first!”

-Sacha, 27

5. Text Over Talk

Women are very auditory; we're turned on by what we hear. TALK TO US!

6. Sloppy Sentencing

This might sound a little picky, but if you're messaging me something meant to get my pulse racing, at least spell it right.

-Dana, 26

Pro tip: It might sound obvious, but check what you've written before you press send. Getting your grammar and spelling correct can make ALL the difference to your success.

7. Unapologetically Punching Above Your Weight

So, you want a leggy blonde with a pretty face? Hows about you aim a little lower - someone on your actual level. A lot of men on the apps I use are very demanding about a certain type that turns them on, but in reality, the only way they'll get that, is if they pay for it on a cam site.

-Kendra, 22

8. Dick Pics As Profile Pics

Am I the only girl that doesn't really get turned on by pics of dicks? They are not particularly attractive, and I would much rather see your face or maybe your chest before I start thinking about in that way. Call me a prude, but, what ever happened to leaving a bit to the imagination ;)

-Jemma, 29