This YouTube Show Can Help You Figure Out If Your SO Would Cheat On You


Wondering if your boyfriend is cheating?

OK, maybe he's not consistently cheating with someone, but if someone was just throwing herself at him, would he give in? How committed to you is he, actually?

Sure, when the two of you are together, it's a total lovey-dovey lover's paradise that feels like a giant honeymoon. But what is he up to when you're not around?

Well, lucky for you, this new YouTube series is doing a service for paranoid boyfriends and girlfriends worldwide.

So, from what I understand, this is how it works: You reach out to the host of this show "To Catch A Cheater," and you say you want to check to see if your boyfriend or girlfriend would cheat.

Then, he hires someone to overtly hit on your boyfriend or girlfriend in a public place, all while a hidden camera records them. You sit there with the guy and watch the whole exchange go down as you see your significant other fall into the trap like a total idiot.

Obviously, as is the case with most reality shows, it could all be staged. But for my own viewing pleasure, I'd like to go ahead and believe it's not staged. Because, boy oh boy, THIS IS SO JUICY.

Take this most recent episode, for example. I have a small clip of the ZING ending for you here, but if you want to see the full episode, you can see it here.

Basically, the backstory is that this girl, Stephanie, reached out to the show via Instagram asking them to help her see if her boyfriend would cheat, if he was put to the test.

They sent a super hot girl over to the grocery store to aggressively flirt with him while he shopped.

This is what happened:

Oh, he also said he didn't have a girlfriend.


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