If You're Doing These 7 Things, You're Finally Over Your Ex

by Brianna Shaw
Joe St. Pierre Photography
If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best.

Marilyn Monroe

This is what my boyfriend used to say to me and I know he was completely right. It's a bit dramatic but still right. If someone cannot deal with you on bad days, you should not allow him or her to enjoy your company on your best days. It's probably one of the wisest quotes you can live by.

You have to surround yourself with good people. If there's one thing that makes all your daily sh*t worthwhile, it's the fact you can share it with your loved ones. You want to be able to be yourself whether you're around friends, family or significant others. Even if you turn into a crazy bitch sometimes, they have to love you in spite of your flaws.

When someone breaks up with you, it makes you realize the person you loved could not handle you at your worst. That's what happened to me. After days of crying, not eating and a lot of smoking, I started realizing he wasn't worth my tears, missing out on good food or a potential disease. He could not deal with my bad side. So, I'll be damned if I waste my best side on him.

Even though Gen-Y pretends to be picture perfect, we all know we are lying. You are f*cking human and humans f*ck up. Big deal. We get clingy, we can be sad, cranky, petty or uninterested. You shouldn't live your life like that. But it's OK if it happens every now and again. We are humans, not robots.

When you are breaking up sh*t goes sideways in life. It just does. Nobody ever goes through a breakup unscathed. It's a given fact there are no winners. But the moment you start realizing you actually deserve better than someone who can't deal with every part of you, you start feeling better again. Here are seven pivotal moments that indicate you are getting over your breakup:

1. When you realize there's no one perfect match for everyone.

You can love and learn so much from someone and still know there is someone out there who is more compatible to you than this person.

2. When you wake up and want to sing in the shower.

You smile to your reflection in the mirror, liking what you see again. It's that moment when you know you are going to be fine.

3. When you want to eat again.

You think of dinner and can't decide between all of the options. So, you end up buying loads of food and enjoy every bite if it. Again, that's the moment. You shouldn't focus on being someone's idea of perfection; you should focus on being happy. If a good meal does that for you, never skip it.

4. When you start making plans and are actually excited about them.

After hiding out and crying yourself to sleep for a period of time, you are finally going somewhere and you know it is going to be fun. Whether it's a nice evening out, going to the movies with your bestie or leaving the country, they all count.

5. When you realize you haven't looked at your phone for hours.

You know it's getting better. After days of lurking on your ex-SO's Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, you find yourself back to the important things in life.

6. When you can recognize the flaws in the relationship.

When you break up, it's always hard to remember the bad parts. People tend to remember the most romantic moments; never do people hang on to the most horrible fight of their lives. I don't know if torturing ourselves is in our nature, but it's time to drop it.

7. When you can talk about it.

When you can be completely honest about the bad parts of the relationship is another moment you'll realize it might be sad, but it's all for the better. Life is getting better again. The dark clouds have parted and the sun is back. It's ready to hit you with its best rays.

Then, there is the last part. It might be the only fun part of going through a breakup. You realize you're back in the game. You're allowed to flirt your ass off. You can text, giggle and feel the magic all over again. The moment you stop hating every guy within a 5-mile radius and start relaxing again, is the moment you'll know the best is yet to come.