8 Times Every Girl Has Wished A Guy Would Just Come Up And Say Something

by Charlotte Phillips

We've all been there.

You know... when there's prolonged eye contact, when he's obviously checking you out, when every sign points to him saying something and quickly becoming your next boyfriend... and then he lacks the balls and stays silent.

You walk on, disappointed, knowing it was probably a missed opportunity that meant nothing, but potentially a missed opportunity that would have been life-changing.

Either way, it does nothing for the ego, and makes us start to think that all men are just cowards.

Here are all the times we've hoped and wished a guy would just say something:

1. The guy stretching next to you at the gym.

There are plenty of cute men at the gym who seem to be eaten up by the streets of the city, and you never see them aside from on the mats. You look cute in your Lululemons, he looks bicep-y and tan and flexible.

You've shared two meters of sweaty cubic space, you've seen his body in angles you wouldn't otherwise until at least the fourth date, and there's been a few subtle mirror glances. So, why the HELL does he just scurry back to the changing room?

2. The guy at Juice Generation who comments on your order.

Every.Single.Day. He knows you have a thing for açai berries and kale -- and feels the need to regularly mention this aloud. He has your order memorized and sometimes even throws in a free wheatgrass shot. If that's not lust, I don't know what is.

By virtue of you going there every day, he knows you work or live nearby, and he knows you know he knows this. The convenience factor and his obvious obsession with your juicing habits are reason enough to ask you out. This just angers us.

3. The guy with the cute puppy you comment on.

Surely, the reason most guys would get a puppy in New York would be to get girls. I feel like this is an actual "thing."

So, when I bother to coo over  your a.) ridiculously sweet, fluffy dog I would love to pet or b.) your hideous, un-furry dog, that I'm only commenting on because I think you're cute, do me the courtesy of taking that as an invite to chat.

Stand still, take the conversation further. Do not throw me a "thanks," over your shoulder, as you walk right on by. Rude.

4. When the barista draws a heart on your cup.

When your skinny iced vanilla latte has a mysterious heart drawn on its side, and the barista is a semi-cute guy roughly your age, it does not take a genius to figure out he thinks you're hot. Great. Now what?

It's like when construction guys whistle at you -- now what? What, precisely, is meant to happen? You will go about your day, he will go about his, and you will never meet because while he wanted to, he did not ask you out. Waste of ink, really.

5. The guy you make eye contact with on the subway.

So, you're on the 2, and there's a guy straight opposite you who's staring. Not just one or two glances. He has, repeatedly, been catching your eye, staring at you, and looking away.

It would be so easy for him to start conversation about something totally mundane. But he doesn't; he gets off, and chances are you'll never see him again.

If he happens to be on your subway the next day, this is truly fate. Coincidences like that do not happen in a city like New York.

6. The guy you took a class with all year.

This guy was the only reason you bothered putting on makeup and changing out of sweats for class.

You clearly have at least one common interest, and you suspect his broody silence is just a façade for how smart he really is.

Every so often, he turns around and checks you out... and once you told him it was October 3. And yet he leaves right after class.

7. The guy eating lunch next to you.

Surely, surely, it's a sign from the gods that you both picked today to take your Chop't salad (See! You like the same food!) to Madison Square park and eat it there, rather than the office.

And the fact that you had to share a table shows it's meant to be.

You know you look good and you know he's noticed. But after asking if the chair was free, he goes back to radio silence and pays his iPhone more attention than you. So sad.

8. The guy who lives on your floor in your building.

This situation would only happen in New York, whereby talking to your neighbors is considered as lame as de Blasio eating pizza with a knife and fork.

He's hot, your schedule is similar and you know where he lives -- not in a creepy way, just in a "this would be great not to have to schlep ever" way.

You've ridden the elevator together, countless times, in perfect silence. There's still hope here, but if he doesn't say something soon, it's just going to get awkward.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr