Relationships — WTF Does 'Girlfriend Material' Even Mean?
by Kelley Lord

"Girlfriend material" is a list of characteristics predetermined by a single, random guy on what deems someone else worthy to date.

Guys assume they're being romantic when they say this, but in fact, it's just as bad as a catcaller yelling, “Nice ass!”

It's easy to examine a girl's resume and say she's "boss material" or listen to her jokes and say she's "comedian material," but when a guy immediately labels a girl as "girlfriend material" because she fits his dating standards to a T, it is the furthest thing from a compliment. Who says women care about the qualities that guys believe make her worth dating?

Plus, being told you are girlfriend material alludes to the fact that some women are not girlfriend material. That by someone's standards, those women are not worthy of being with anyone. It's bullshit.

Because at the end of the day, nobody knows what girlfriend material is anyway.

In my opinion, if you think of yourself as an awesome human being, who doesn't need a person on the street to measure your worth or your potential at finding true love, then you are totally girlfriend material — no matter what any guys say.

This episode in Season 7 of GEN WHY examines WTF girlfriend material even means.

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