Why Writers Will Never Try To Hold Back In A New Relationship

“If a writer falls in love with you, you can never die,” they say.

This is not true, for we all have a shelf life. But we will promise that your days will be rich with meaning. Instead, to be loved by a writer is to be admired with a renewed intensity each day.

Writers are accustomed to analyzing stories, and you are their favorite one. We don't expect only happy moments.

Writers have learned to appreciate the downs as inevitable, dramatic representations of all that will persevere: the darkness always precedes the dawn. No great stories have come without the temporary expense of the protagonist.

We don't think everything is predetermined; we register that free-will is so statistically and emotionally complex though, that every moment in history is spectacular. We appreciate that every twist and turn and mistake and victory brought you into our path.

This very second, people are dying, giving birth, crying, laughing, stumbling into the loves of their lives, losing it all and beginning again.

To the writer, your mind, heart and everything beyond this earth exist in a feeling.

We will search far and wide for the words to describe you, and we will be so satisfied when we come close. Because a writer knows the difference between a whisper in the trees and a rustling in the leaves, just as we sense your demeanor with a simple glance.

We want to capture all that you are on paper to make sense of you, and still delight in the ongoing challenge that comes with articulating how your eyes crinkle when smiling in their favorite photo.

You probably won't know which one, but we do.

To observe so many details and take in so much life at once is the cycle of a writer's days. Letting language escape us is second-nature, and we are fueled by passion. Never shall we pick up a pen in vain or underestimate the pauses in your breath.

The human experience is our metaphor, and we see you as much in the warmth of the sun as the gentle mist of the salted sea, which are all the things that make us feel alive.

We want your bad side as much as your good side because we know that resilience is at the heart of every timeless tale and every soon-to-be hero. We see your greatness in a way you may never be able to, but trust us, it's there.

Yes, the writer will see an opportunity to seduce you at every corner, a dedicated fanatic to the novelty of each time your clothes hit the floor.

When we wander out of our own minds and try to explore yours, it is our deepest compliment.

For a writer, daily encounters bring with them a nonstop stream of information, intuitively grasping other's intentions and sincerity.

We feel that people's stories can be read almost as if they're printed on their skin. We see ink smeared in their laugh lines and notice dog-earred memories in their clusters of freckles.

A writer is nothing without also being a reader first.

Earning the love of a writer means you become their spectacular sentence in a chapter of chaos. Every reader has experienced the phenomenon when a line or a dialogue captures your attention so deeply, you must pause and reread, just to experience it again.

That is you, lover. You're a series of surprises, an unforgiving climax in a new novel each day. We will end each day with a hand running sleekly through your hair as if we are eagerly turning a page.

Just as we curl into a new book, we will want to do the same to you, listening to your prologue and fantasizing about our place in your story.

You'll have to forgive us at times for the things we do out of insecurity because we can find the good in every tale. Often, we wonder if another story is more appealing than ours.

Yet, who are we to compare "1984" to "A Brave New World"? "The Alchemist" to "Green Eggs and Ham"? Our fifth grade yearbook to our junior year love notes?

Every story has beauty, and we will never let you forget this. You've read us; you'll write us.

We will gladly take parts of you and internalize them because we see you as a main character.

Like any artist and their muse, together we decide where this plot will wander.