#WorstFirstDate Will Make You Feel Better About Your Terrible Love Life


So, you went on yet ANOTHER horrible first date last night.

This time, his name was Johnny. He cancelled on you FIVE times before finally committing to this Tuesday night drinks date, and he spent literally the entire night on his phone texting a number saved as "DO NOT TEXT — SHE IS AN EVIL HEARTBREAKER."

You're going to go ahead and assume "DO NOT TEXT — SHE IS AN EVIL HEARTBREAKER" might be his ex. Just, you know, a shot in the dark.

Then, "DO NOT TEXT — SHE IS AN EVIL HEARTBREAKER" started calling. So, naturally, he left... without paying.

But don't worry, my friend. There is a silver lining to this cloud.

As awful as your date with Johnny was, people all over the country are actually having dates way worse. No, seriously.

Jimmy Fallon recently asked people to tweet their worst first date stories with the hashtag #WorstFirstDate, so they could be featured on his show.

Here was Jimmy's tweet:


And boy, did people deliver. Don't believe me?

Take a little scroll for yourself here:

When you go on a date with a drug dealer.

When you get the most backhanded compliment ever.

When you just can't hold it in.

When his ride is not quite ideal.

When your mom gets involved.

When your flirting goes terribly wrong.

When you don't stand a chance right off the bat.

When you meet his girlfriend.

When you throw up.

When he's the inventor of his own art form.

When she literally can't speak to you.

When he is just the absolute cheapest.

When he's a coward AND a player.

When he is not so family-oriented.

When he was featured on "True Life."

When he doesn't love the fact you won't have sex with him.

When he tells you to "work on" your nervous habit.


Yeah, so no matter how bad your date was, it could always be worse.