9 Women Reveal The Subtle Ways They Show Men They Are Interested

Women can be a real enigma.

We like to keep a lot close to the vest; our hopes, dreams and desires usually stay our little secrets for years in relationships, if in fact they are ever revealed.

So, how should men know when it's the right time to make a move? When one Reddit user posed the question, "Women of reddit, what are the ways you show men you're interested?", ladies of the Internet came out to help men all over figure out a few key pieces to the womanhood puzzle.

Check out a few of the responses I found most helpful for men.

Some women like to make jokes.

Others like to go out of their way to make their interests known.

A lot of women will make excuses to spend time with a crush...

...while the time-honored tradition of laughing at un-funny jokes never fails.

Brushing a man's arm or touching his hair is a sure sign she's into you.

Of course, paying a compliment is a good sign.

Many women take a new-school approach...

...while some women like to subtly show they are total bosses.

Also, many women are just super self-assured and will straight-up tell you if they're into you.

Ladies, have any additional advice? Share it in the comments.