12 Women Reveal The Moments They Knew Their Husbands Were 'The One'

While the debate rages on about whether "the one" exists at all, finding someone who makes you happy is something just about every human on the planet hopes to experience.

Personally, I knew my boyfriend was at least "a one" when he walked me all the way home after the last bus of the night blew right past us. That, and the time we locked eyes over burritos.

It's different for everyone, and that much certainly became clear when one user asked the married women of Reddit,

What was it that your husband did that made you realize, "he's the one"?

Grab a tissue (or a boxful) and see what the women had to say.

Start off with a tearjerker.

You had me at chocolate.

This sounds like a scene straight out "The Wicker Man," and it's still romantic somehow.

"Nothing at all" = everything.

Misery is most definitely a sign you're in love.

Take over my car troubles, and I'll throw in my heart.

Happiness is watching movies on the toilet together.

When you realize you're in love with Superman...

Your impossible-to-please parents love him? Yeah, he's a keeper.

It's the little things, man.

Sometimes you fall in love with the balls before you fall in love with the man.

In the end, cat lovers will always come out on top.