Women Reveal Why They Ghosted In The Past


Every week for my column, "Boom, Ghosted," I read through dozens of stories from the point of view of the person who was ghosted.

One thing always seems to be consistent: The person who was ghosted just wants to know why.

I obviously can't track down the person who ghosted you and demand an answer for you, but I CAN poll men and women to see why they've ghosted people in the past.

A few weeks ago, I asked men why they ghosted, and they gave some pretty open and honest answers. Today, after popular demand, I've asked the LADIEZ to do the same.

Read along and hopefully you'll find some closure.

She just wasn't into it.

— Megan*, 24

— Jan, 33

Anything more than ghosting seemed weird.

They were making her mad.

— Tara, 39

She's a seasoned ghoster.

— Bianca*, 34

A booty call will get you ghosted in her book.

— Dani, 24

He was too persistent.

— Mimi, 30

— Cassie, 26

He liked football too much.

— Ally, 24

He didn't like football enough.

— Annie*, 25

I know it's not as useful as a direct explanation from someone who ghosted you, but hopefully these will help you get some semblance of closure.

*Names have been changed.