Why A Woman With More Drive Than You Is The Motivation Every Man Needs

People aren’t as different as most would like to believe. Yes, we come from different cultures, hold different values and have learned different lessons from a variety of situations. Nevertheless, the reasoning behind it all is rather universal.

There are multitudes of people with diverse personalities: those with a clear understanding of what they want from life and have the drive to achieve it; those who know what they want from of life, but can’t find a good enough reason to pursue it; those who don’t know what they want, or just don’t care.

If you’re looking for a partner, there’s an obvious winner, especially if you're a man -- mainly, because men are usually lazier than women and need a little extra push.

Plus, finding a female partner who outshines you is a good jab at the ego -- and something you can turn into a great source of motivation.

We could all use a bit of motivation.

One of the most difficult things in life is finding a good reason to do the less-than-pleasant things.

We work jobs we don’t enjoy; listen to class lectures we don’t want to hear; work on projects we believe to be entirely pointless. We eat food we know is good for us, but doesn’t taste quite as good as fats, carbs and sugars.

Most of the time, we understand what's best for us, yet we allow ourselves to succumb to less-than-ideal decisions.

Any single individual can choose to make the right decisions; most just simply don’t.

Having a woman in your life with drive, who has her own reasons for staying motivated, won’t make your life easier, but she will make your life better.

Friendly competition never hurt anyone; loving competition works wonders.

Competition has proven, time and time again, to benefit all involved, often even the people who aren’t.

Healthy competition gives us another reason to push ourselves and accomplish things beyond our limits. It, literally, makes us strive for the impossible.

Having a woman in your life who not only motivates you to be a better man, but also makes you stay on your toes and refuses to be outdone, is a godsend.

If she’s pushing herself in all areas of her life, chances are your ego will force you to step up to the challenge.

The male ego does have its benefits when utilized properly.

Your partner should inspire you, and make you want to push yourself further.

Competition is one thing; inspiration is another. When you find a woman with drive, with an intense passion for life, it opens your eyes to another reality -- a reality where positive emotion has force in the physical realm.

It’s no secret good things come to those with positive mindsets, positive thoughts and positive emotions.

Whether the world favors the positive, positive energy attracts positive energy, or positive outlook allows us to stay more calm, focused and ambitious, positivity does make your life more enjoyable.

If you meet a woman who inspires you, never let her go.

She'll give you hope -- something we all need in our lives.

Life can be incredibly difficult at times. We often feel more uncertainty than we know for certain we're standing on solid ground.

Life is known to throw people blows from time to time, and having someone in your life to soften the punches can make all the difference.

A driven woman is a woman who believes her ideal life is possible. If she didn’t believe it were possible, she wouldn’t pursue the vision.

Seeing the hope your partner has in her abilities to create the life she desires will help you find hope when you're in the dark. When the time comes, you’ll be strong enough to return the favor.

There's no better feeling than being proud of the people you love.

This is why relationships are so amazing -- yes, we share in the pain and suffering our partners experience, but also in the joy and happiness.

When you’re in love, there's little to make you happier than seeing the woman of your dreams smiling. When you're in love, there's little to fill you up with pride more than seeing her pursue her dreams with a vigor you envy.

When she succeeds -- you know she will -- the pride you feel for her and the fact she chose you, will make you feel happier than if it were your own success.

Drive is focus, and focus gives us purpose.

A driven woman is more than just an inspiration, a source of motivation and a source of pride. She'll give your life direction.

Driven individuals have a clear understanding of where they're heading in life. They may not necessarily know for certain where they'll be in 10 years, but they're very clear on where they want to be in the next three to five.

When your partner knows where she's going, and you plan on sharing your lives together, her direction becomes part of yours.

Of course, you'll have your own goals and dreams, but if the relationship is compatible, your amazing, driven partner will show you exactly where you want to head. And, the best part is she’ll lead by example.

An experienced partner gives the best advice.

I’m not sure about you, but one of the things I love most about having someone in my life is having someone who listens and bounces around ideas with me.

People love relationships because it allows us to talk to a person who wants to listen. No one will give you sincere advice like a woman who loves you. No woman who loves you will give you as good advice as the woman who both loves you and can give you sound advice.

A driven woman will have tons of experiences to share with you. She’s a woman who's used to being outside of her comfort zone and can give you advice on many different facets of life.

More importantly, she’ll understand you sometimes don’t want advice -- and, sometimes, you just want someone willing to hear you out.

Sadly, these days, people listen not to listen, but to respond. She’s wise enough to know better.

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