No One Can Get Over The Way This Woman Announced Her Breakup On Social Media


This is a genius way to deal with a breakup, if you ask me.

Naya Stephenson, 20, was happily in love with her boyfriend, whom she met in college. They were together for nine months and she was getting ready to see him again after some time apart.


She was excited to see him as any happy girlfriend would be and decided to post a cute selfie of them looking loved-up when they finally met up in July for a picnic on the beach:

But things took a wrong turn. The very next day, in fact. Naya says "lengthy debates" about racial and political views eventually tore her and her boyfriend apart, so she took to Twitter once again to publicize the end of an era:

Still, that wasn't enough to drive the point home, so she confided in Twitter one last time. Only this time, she got creative with her tweet, creating a funny compilation to announce the breakup, which ended up going viral:

The tweet shows pictures of Naya's tweet expressing her excitement to see her boyfriend, then that cute selfie and finally, a tongue-in-cheek "life came at me fast" (indeed it did, Naya. Indeed it did).

As for who broke up with whom? Naya said,

He broke up with me because he felt that we wouldn't ever get out of the pattern of me and though I'd made better efforts to trust him, he didn't think it was enough.

Makes sense to me.

Regardless of the reason, the tweet gained a lot of traction, with people praising Naya's ability to make light of the unfortunate incident and laugh it off:

People really related and it even got deep:

I hope you don't have to go through a breakup. But if you do, may you be so lucky as to have the breakup turn out to be as popular and prosperous as Naya's.

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