11 Things You Can Do To Win The Heart Of An Independent Woman

by Jessica Jung
20th Television

If you’ve been on the dating scene for a while now, you’ve likely experienced some general personality types: the geeky one, the basic bitch, the angsty emo and the alpha female.

Sometimes (sadly), the alpha female is known as the “bitchy one.”

The alpha female can’t escape this stigma.

She’s bossy, she’s dominant, she’s cold and she’s threatening, so don’t even bother.

If the alpha female has scared you off before, you’re not alone.

Believe it or not, there are different levels of alphaness, so the chances of having contact with one are very high.

It may seem difficult to get through the alpha’s soft spot when she appears to have a hard outer shell.

But if you haven’t given her a chance, you’re missing out.

The alpha female is usually successful, extremely independent and intelligent, but she's also intimidating.

Alpha females make great partners. They usually strive for greatness.

They’re successful, loyal, passionate, know what they want, don’t bullsh*t around and want their relationships to be the best, just like them.

Here are some tips for mastering the art of dating an alpha female:

1. Make the decisions.

Whether it’s making dinner plans or choosing the movie, make sure to lead.

You may get the impression that the alpha female wants it her way, but in fact, she loves a man who takes control.

Never dance around the idea of what she’ll like.

2. Be creative.

The alpha female feeds on creativity. She lives for her thirst for curiosity.

Whether it’s the way you gift or dine, do it in a different way. You don’t need to follow the rules or go in order.

The alpha female doesn’t like ordinary because she’s far from that.

3. Stand your ground.

The alpha female can sniff out even a tiny amount of hesitation.

Don’t go back on what you say just because she has a problem with it. It’s okay to disagree, even if she fights you on it.

The alpha female likes someone who challenges her opinion. If you end up in a big argument, there’s always make-up sex.

4. Be wild in bed.

Make the rules in bed.

Alpha females are naturally dominant in their demeanor, but nothing is hotter than having the rules change behind closed doors.

She’s all yours.

5. Be patient.

She’s far from patient, and when something ticks her off, she’s ready to explode.

This can be tough to deal with. No one wants to be with someone aggressive and easily angered.

But when you're dealing with a person with lots of character and an authoritative nature, you just have to deal. No one is perfect.

When she wants to put someone in his or her place -- like the concierge who can’t find the reservation -- give her space to calm her nerves.

Just never tell her to calm down.

6. Have your sh*t together.

You don’t necessarily need to be at the height of your career, but strive for something greater (if you haven’t already).

Having someone who constantly seeks to be better is the hottest thing for an alpha female.

She’s a woman with ambition, and therefore expects her man to be passionate about his work and goals in life.

7. Be ready for a challenge.

Like I mentioned earlier, the alpha female strives for greatness.

Her expectations are high. This can be complicated because even if you’re doing your best, it may not seem like it to her.

She can come off as naggy, but teach her how to manage her expectations.

She’s a dreamer. This is when you bring her back to earth.

8. Express yourself.

The alpha female comes across as unemotional, but this is more in the beginning stages.

You may not think it’s correct to express yourself if she’s not reciprocating right away.

But the more she trusts and opens her heart, the more her feelings for you will intensify too.

9. Swallow your pride.

Unfortunately, the alpha female has a lot of this.

If you can show her you can swallow your pride, she’ll learn that she can too.

10. Teach her something.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be extremely interesting.

Just the fact that you have a different hobby is extremely attractive. She loves learning.

11. Create a dream team.

If you’re able to achieve points one through 10, you’ll be able to take on the world with her.

She’ll be there with you, being your rock so you can climb to the top together.