This Wild Video Shows Two Girls Going Down On A Guy In Broad Daylight


There are some things that should be done in public, and some things that should just not. This is one of those things.

Two girls went down on some old dude on a balcony of the 60th floor of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Chicago. And there's a video to prove it.

The video is censored to protect your eyes from full-blown nudity, but you can clearly make out an older gentleman standing, and two girls sitting down tending to his... man parts.

People seem to love doing illegal, sexual things outside. Just recently, a drunk homeless woman was having sex with her partner on some railway tracks in Siberia when she was decapitated and died.

Then there was this incident last month in Portugal where a couple was caught having sex in a park while their child — yes, their own CHILD — was sitting right next to them. WTF is wrong with people?

Anyway, to check out the video of the two girls and the old dude, click here. I guess if you get bored of your go-to stash of porn, you can watch this lovely public display of, uh, affection.