Here's Why Your Family Hates Your Significant Other, According To Science

If you've ever broken out in hives at the thought of introducing your family to your new SO, you're so very far from alone. Now science is here to prove you may be justified in having that reaction.

In a new study published in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, women were asked to rank the value of 133 qualities and character traits they prioritized when looking for a partner for themselves versus for their sisters. While most participants stressed faithfulness and loyalty in either case, they tended to hold their sisters' potential mates to a different standard.

When choosing a perfect mate for their sisters, the lead author, Robert Biegler, said in a press release that the women looked for dudes who are "empathetic, responsible, helpful, sensible and kind." Naturally, you'd want your sister to date a modern version of Greg Brady.

But when it came to choosing their own partners, respondents said it was more important they date someone "charming, fun and good in bed."

Uh huh, I see you, ladies.

The same trend seems to influence our parents' ideas of who we should date, too. The study's authors theorize this double standard exists because, subconsciously (or consciously) our family doesn't want to be stuck taking care of us when sh*t hits the fan. As Biegler explained in a press release,

The ideal partner for your sister or your daughter can't drain resources from you and decrease the chance that your own genes can be passed on.

It may sound cold, but this study basically proves what we already know to be true; in every family, there's only room for one drama queen.

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