Off The Grid: 3 Reasons To Date A Guy Who's Social-Media Clueless

by Jessica Barone

Brace yourselves; it’s the Age of Instant Gratification.

And it's totally shaped how we meet (and keep) romantic partners in the 21st century.

From Skyping to texting to sexting, you can reach anyone at any time.

And, the number of people meeting and successfully coupling up online is alive and well, thanks to dating sites for every possible preference.

Some people may chew their nails worrying that the endless access to potential mates online can spell trouble for the future, especially if social media apps lent a hand to your own relationship.

But, if you met your honey online, don't despair.

Turns out, what matters most is how much he's using social media after you start dating.

If he's still constantly on Snapchat and Facebook, even after he's found you, it's likely you'll start noticing one — or all three — of these red flags that could be disastrous for your relationship:

1. He may be vain.

A guy who cares about how many "likes" his latest status gets, updates his status often or changes his profile picture frequently could be too concerned with how the public perceives him.

And by public, I mean third cousins and high school friends he hasn’t talked to in seven years.

Not only can it get old, it can also get on your last nerves. After his third photo in a row of his quads after "leg day at the gym," you and your mutual online friends may start to wonder where the off switch is.

But the biggest warning sign? Selfies. That's right, the epitome of social media that permeates every medium could be the number one clue your guy is narcissistic and maybe even psychopathic.

No thanks.

2. His social media overuse will stress you out.

Guys who use Facebook frequently enough, for example, have proven to be less faithful and more stressful to their significant others.

There could be several reasons for this, the simplest being that perhaps, if a guy feels the need to check his Facebook often even after he’s in a relationship, he may still want to keep tabs on an old flame, or maybe he’s just not truly done looking.

And meanwhile, you'll feel inclined to spy.

One study revealed that the more someone in a relationship uses social media, the more likely he or she is to monitor the partner's social media accounts and interactions more stringently, which can lead to feelings of jealousy and mistrust.

The study concludes "keeping it off Facebook could be the best way to ensure your romantic relationship stays strong."

Regardless of intent, seeing your fellow constantly getting his timeline smothered with funny posts by some girl who’s a “friend from work,” or noticing him constantly “liking” another girl’s every profile picture and status update, can rouse the green-eyed monster.

3. He may be less satisfied with his own life.

Studies have shown for the last decades that people who take social media too seriously and spend excessive time on their accounts are less satisfied with their personal lives.

Everyone wants to put his or her best foot forward online and slap on a brave face, so when people log on and see how great everyone else’s lives (seemingly) are, it can make an onlooker feel down in the dumps.

And you better believe it'll start affecting how he interacts with you.

So at the end of the day, if your fellow isn't the most well-versed on the Internet, that's okay.

It may be dorky that he needs your help walking him through updating his Facebook profile picture (because he hasn't changed it since 2007), but just shake your head and smile. You have a keeper.