Why You Should Date A Girl Who Travels

by Lauren Martin

There is something to be said about a woman with stamps in the pages of her passport. There's something genuinely beautiful and wonderful about a woman with a need to explore, to leave the ordinary to dive into the unknown. The woman who travels is the woman who never settles, never accepts her life as complete or fulfilled. There is a longing that won't be satisfied by a man or a job, only by the thrill that comes with stepping off a plane.

A woman who travels is a woman who feels the thrill of experience more deeply than most. She gets her kicks from conversing in other languages, getting lost in the crowd and in finding authentic restaurants where she can chat with locals. A woman who travels is a woman who sees the world another way -- as miles to be explored and oceans to cross.

There's something different about a girl who travels; maybe it's depth. Maybe it's character. Maybe it’s spontaneity; maybe it’s genuineness. Like a woman who dances or teaches yoga, there are certain qualities that can’t be replicated or faked. Traveling isn’t a hobby, nor is it just a passion; it's a significant piece of her life.

A woman who travels doesn’t march to the beat of her peers or society. She doesn’t take life so seriously, or with any type of dictation. She finds her own patterns and rhythms, letting life take her wherever it may go.

Now, how are these qualities ideal for a man looking for a woman? How are these qualities ones that will make for a good partner? How does this woman compare to the rest?

It depends on what kind of man you are and what type of woman you can handle. If you want a complacent, docile and comfortable girl, then do not attempt to woo this type of woman. If you want a girl who is happy never leaving home or trying that new Indian restaurant around the corner, forget it. If you want a woman who will not challenge or inspire you, don’t even think about it.

However, if you are looking for a woman to take you on adventures, to open your mind to new ideas and new trends, start looking. Look for the girl who doesn’t ever seem satisfied. Look for the girl who stares out the window, locked in daydreams. Look for the girl who is speaking French at the bar and drinking a beer she could have only found in Peru.

Look for the woman with the wild eyes and the shoes that could have only been bought at some market in Thailand. Look for the woman who likes to talk about the places she wants to live when you ask her where she’s from. Look for the girl who knows the bands from England you are talking about because she’s been to their concerts.

You will know you found her when you see her apartment. When you notice the small elephant statue and plates from Morocco. You will know you found her when she insists on you meeting her friend visiting from Spain. You will know you found her when she tells you she’s leaving for a trip, but she’s not sure when.

And when you’ve found her, remember this list, because these are all the reasons you should date a woman who travels.

It Will Never Get Boring

Just when your life seems to be headed towards the mundane and regular, she will propose a trip. She will have figured out the flights and the budget and ask you to leave with her next week. She will keep you interested in the world and show you places you never knew. She will suggest foods when you go out to dinner and bands you didn’t know existed.

She Will Never Take You For Granted

She understands a good thing when she’s found it. She’s spent her entire life exploring and searching, so she knows when something is right. She knows when she has found something she shouldn’t easily let go. She understands the value of shared experiences and has an eye for good things.

She Won’t Be Clingy

You can bet that a woman who likes to take off by herself won’t be the type of girl who needs to know what you’re doing all the time, if ever. She will want to know out of curiosity, but she will not need to be with you at all times. She will be with you because it’s fun and she likes you, not because she needs a man. Unlike the masses of lonely men and women, she won’t use you to fill a void. She will be with you because you are special and exciting to her, like the many cities she's visited.

She Will Leave Her Mark On You

Even if you don’t work out, she will do what good girlfriends and people you meet in your life should do: leave her mark. She will have changed you for the better, making you a more well-rounded, exciting person. She will have showed you things you will show others. She will have opened your mind to new ideas and new theories. You will try new foods and think of her; you will hear people talking in Spanish and think of her. You will start enjoying life, and think of her.

Photo via 8 Tracks