10 Reasons Why We Fall In Love With Our Partners Over And Over Again

by Anaies

Recently, Elite Daily published an article about the first time you knew you were in love with your significant other.

But what about as the days go by? You know, after the initial spark of romance slowly begins to dim?

Whether you're in a newfound relationship or a long-term partnership, certain things will remind you why you're madly in love with your significant other.

Here are some of the most clichéd, yet romantic reasons people give when they’re asked the question, “What made you fall in love with your partner?”

1. Your partner knows how to make you smile and laugh.

No matter how horrible your day is — maybe you're on your period or running late for work — he or she always finds ways to turn your sour expression into a face filled with joy.

2. Your partner urges you try new things.

Even if they're things you don't like, he or she will motivate (or sometimes force) you into trying them with him or her. It might seem like torture at first, but eventually, you'll learn to enjoy them.

Or at least, you'll know what you dislike.

3. You're never afraid to show your partner who you truly are.

You're not afraid to act all goofy around your SO because he or she won't make you think twice about it.

You can cry about the small sh*t that bothers you, and never feel like you're annoying him or her with your drama.

4. Your partner's appreciation of you is unlike anything else.

If your significant other is truly thankful of the things you do, then you know you've found a keeper.

Your partner will do anything to show you how grateful he or she is for the things you genuinely do, no matter how simple or grand those things may be.

5. Your partner changes your negative perceptions.

When you're being your pessimistic self, your partner does his or her best to influence you in ways that help you see the light again. Your SO helps you see beyond the flaws, and he or she makes sure you always believe in yourself, even when you think everything is going downhill.

Because of your SO, you'll be running back toward the top with determination.

6. Your partner erases all the doubts in your head.

When you're confronted with a situation that frightens you or makes you feel insecure, your partner knows what to say and do to make you feel better again.

Your SO gives words of encouragement that strengthen you to always do your best.

7. Your partner knows how to truly listen and make you feel understood.

Even when your partner can't relate to your rants and problems, he or she will listen and comfort you. Your SO will talk to you about your issues and help you find ways to solve them.

He or she knows how to be patient and how to talk things out with you, in order to make things work for the better.

8. Your partner is sometimes hard to figure out.

It's insane how your partner can sometimes seem indecisive about his or her personal life.

You'll sometimes be annoyed when your SO acts this way. But on the flip side, you'll realize his or her inconclusive mind is what helps him or her search for meaning.

9. Your partner knows your worth.

Not a day passes when your SO won’t show you how precious you are to him or her.

Some people say that after years of being together, the sparks will fade. Don't believe in such a saying.

If your partner truly loves you, he or she will treat you as if he or she is still trying to win your heart.

10. Your partner has a sense of magic.

It may sound strange and funny if you tell your partner you instantly felt a connection.

But you know how some people believe that once you see "the one," you’ll know?

Well, you knew.