People Confess The Real Reasons They Cheated On Their SO

by Candice Jalili
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No, seriously, I don't get it. Obviously, life is complicated, things happen and there's no real black-and-white answer to anything, but cheating is just something I can't really even begin to fathom.

The ground rules of a monogamous relationship are pretty simple: Don't boink other people. No matter what sort of monogamous relationship you're in, that's pretty much the one bottom line.


Clearly, I don't get it.

But if you're still wondering why people cheat, these 15 people can tell you firsthand why they cheated on their significant others:

He shouldn't have been in a relationship in the first place.

I shouldn't have been in a relationship in the first place as I wanted to fuck every decent looking girl I met. And if they were up for it, then we went at it. I'm done with all that now.

— Damien_neimaD

His girlfriend was too vanilla in bed.

We had been slowly falling out of love and turning into roommates that occasionally rubbed privates together. There was a lot of talk about spicing it up in the bedroom but by her own admission, she's pretty vanilla and didn't want to wrap her head around the idea of other positions besides missionary and her being on top. I had been training a very attractive and smart woman at work who noticed I was having a hard time one day and I spilled everything out to her at lunch. A few more weeks of shameless flirting between the both of us culminated in an incredible night in a hotel room that currently holds the top preferred customer spot in my spank bank. It felt awful imagining my girlfriend's face but at that point the path ahead was crystal clear, we broke up the next day and I never told her what happened. The co-worker and I continued to date off and on for two years. We never could make a relationship work but fell back on the sex.. that whole time was full of lessons I'm still learning.

— SombraBlanca

His girlfriend wasn't there for him in his time of need, but his ex was.

I was in a serious car accident. My GF at the time was really busy and couldn't be there for me the way I wished. But my ex was. One thing led to another, and I ended up sleeping with my ex. Worst decision of my life

— Refrith

She never trusted him in the first place.

The reason was because she was constantlly [sic] accusing me of cheating after I caught her cheating and speaking with her ex behind my back. She would steal my belongings and if I broke up with her she would use that against me to force me to talk to her and eventually get back together because sex... Just ended a month ago when she caught me on a date with another girl and hit me with her car. So it was kinda worth it. Though my custom made ironwood bear, watch and ps4 are gone now :(

— Atticah

It was just a drunken mistake.

There wasn't any logic. I was drunk and didn't stop the advances of another girl. I had never been so happy than in my prior relationship. Never felt so loved and loved someone so much. I gave up everything in a split second....

— 3707

It was payback for what he put her through.

My SO had cheated on me multiple times, and one night I said "fk it" and went out to get drunk with work mates. I met a guy that I worked with that treated me like a princess, was attentive and all around sweet. We hit it off. It wasn't intentional, it just happened. I remember thinking that it was a bad idea and then thought "you know what, I deserve happiness too. It's not all about [my SO]". I left my SO the next day. Best decision I ever made.


He was thinking with his dick.

No logic. Thinking with my dick. Feels good in the moment then regrets later. Why would I risk so much for such a stupid fleeting feeling? I love my SO. This is way back in my past and I've learned a lot and wisened [sic] up.

— wrasP3masTE8

He was self-destructing.

I was in bad shape in terms of mental health and I went through bouts of wanting to self destruct. Basically, I wanted to feel like garbage and sleeping with people who didn't care about me did that. I did a lot of other self destructive things as well. You know how they say "I should have been on the back of your mind." or some crap like that? The truth is, I wasn't thinking about my SO at all when I did those things, even though I loved them deeply. I just wanted to kill myself without killing myself.

— ktreaty

The "right" woman just wasn't right for him.

I was with a woman who should have been "right" for me. But, she was cold, distant and a bit of a bitch. She was smart, witty, well liked and highly thought-of by colleagues and friends; but, behind closed doors, she was the opposite. I tried to change her, I even tried changing myself. She had "accidentally" cheated on me earlier in our relationship, and when I met someone who was nice to me and made me feel good about myself... Well, I went for it. Cheated on my SO. But, to be fair, I dumped her immediately afterward.

— Ruh_Granger_Danger

The relationship was terrible.

I was in a terrible relationship where we didn't get along at all. There were rumours that she was with another guy. I though [sic] "fuck you" and just started hitting it off with some other girl. We broke up just a few weeks later but the relationship with the other girl lasted three times longer. I'd say it was worth it.

— classyleaf

Her boyfriend was never in the mood.

Our sexual chemistry wasn't in tune. He simply was NEVER in the mood. I tried so damn hard - gently giving tips, suggestions etc, but no dice. He just didn't fuck me. I would buy nice lingerie which he chose, wear it with his response being "sexy" and turning back to the computer. Eventually I met guys who wanted to have sex and I did. We broke up after I realized how much I could get away with. The only think [sic] I regret is not ending the relationship sooner.

— GoldenOliveBranch

He lets himself get tempted toward the end of a relationship.

I'm an asshole, and basically when I feel the relationship is coming to an end I'll let myself get tempted. I'm single now, and I have a lot of growing up to do.

— burgeremoji

Her constant complaining finally got to him.

I mean I wouldn't say there was much logic behind it. I felt like shit about myself and my partners constant complaining about everything was bringing me down. I should have broken up with her but instead I fucked someone else.

— PatMcAck

He slipped up with an ex.

My ex and I were still living with one another. She wanted one last hurrah and wouldn't leave it alone. I could have done a lot of things differently and I'm filled with regret but that ruined the beginning of the best relationship I've ever had. It destroyed trust and its all my fault. Aside from other issues this was a big error but it has forced me to become better than who I was. I just wanted my ex out of my life but I should have been honest. Lying is a death sentence for relationships.

— boblogbob

It all comes down to one thing...


— Loganbad101

OK, well, it doesn't make anything any better, but... I guess it makes a little more sense?