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Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya postponed their wedding timeline.

Michelle And Nayte Aren’t Getting Married Yet — Here’s Why

Plus, why he isn’t living in Minnesota yet.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya is Bachelor Nation’s latest and greatest couple. Need proof? They literally met Rihanna and A$AP Rocky on Feb. 12 — and they were, like, totally cool about it. Still, that doesn’t mean that everything is going to plan. During a Feb. 13 interview with Us Weekly, the duo explained that some of their plans have been put on hold. Specifically, Young and Olukoya postponed their wedding timeline — and he hasn’t moved to Minnesota yet, either.

Though the couple initially insinuated that they were planning to get married in the summer... like this summer. In Dec. 2021, Young told Us Weekly that the couple was “thinking summertime” for their nuptials, “In the near future, we’ll put it that way,” she added. That certainly made it seem like they’d be getting hitched in a couple of months.

But now Olukoya is walking back on that. In the couple’s Feb. 13 interview, he explained, “We said summer. We didn’t put a timeline.” Per him, that means they’re technically not delaying anything. Still, there’s a good reason for this updated schedule. Apparently, health concerns are playing a role in the updated schedule.

“We were really talking about the [summer] season, but what I can say is we both have so many friends and family members and just people that we would want to be part of that day, so a pandemic wedding is not something that we’re really looking at,” Young added. “It’s gonna happen, it’s gonna be warm, but that’s what we know so far.”


There’s been another major delay in their relationship timeline, too. Olukoya also has not moved to Young’s home state of Minnesota just yet despite the fact that Bachelor producers gifted the newly-engaged couple a $200,000 check for a down payment for their first home together. Of course, this isn’t exactly a buyer’s market, so some waiting only makes sense.

“We’re trying to be as smart as possible,” Olukoya said, explaining his non-Minneapolis residence. “We’re looking at different options. We’re definitely feeling it all out.” And Young isn’t too concerned that he hasn’t made the leap just yet.

“We like to make sure that we’re always making very calculated decisions, we’re always looking at all of our options,” she said of buying a home together. Still, she was confident. “Yeah, it’ll happen.”

Here’s hoping these delays only bring Young and Olukoya closer together! In the meantime, I’ll be manifesting a double date between them and Rihanna and A$AP.