I'm Unapologetically Single And Here's Why I'm OK With It

by Cristina Oliveras

Being single has lost its representation.

It's a status you aren't supposed to be comfortable with while you are in this waiting stage for something that has yet to come. It means you're lonely and incomplete.

Mainstream belief has persuaded us to think in order to be happy and live a fulfilled life, you must find a partner to share it with.

Don't get me wrong, I am open to the day someone comes and completely shakes my world up in all the right ways and shows me the kind of love I have been missing.

But until then, I've decided to cater to a different kind of relationship that most of us forget even exists —  the one with myself.

I am perfectly OK with being “alone.” To me, it means so much more than being isolated.

It means taking spontaneous solo trips halfway across the United States to explore the places I've never seen and find pieces of myself in people I meet along the way.

It means getting out of my comfort zone and doing the things that scare me and pursuing things my heart has always desired.

It means evenings by myself where I turn up the music as loud as I want while I dance and smile because I know who I am and what makes me happy.

Being single should be about making yourself a better person, not looking to better someone else. How can you complement someone else when you haven't really met yourself?

I have spent many days and many nights alone, and in those moments I've discovered what kind of woman I am. I've met myself in the deepest of ways. I know what kind of love I want and deserve.

This is the time I'm going to give love without ever expecting it in return. Instead of needing to feel loved by someone else, love is already there, and mine is limitless.

Love is not meant to be private. It is meant to be shared, exaggerated and effortless.

I find love in the books I read, the places I explore, the people I meet, the experiences I go through and the beliefs I defend. My purpose as a single woman is to feel that with all of me and then dispense that energy as far out as I can get it.

The fact I know what I deserve and I know my worth does not make me arrogant. A healthy relationship with yourself is one of the most envied.

I have spent the time and done the exploring to know what it is that I want out of love, and what it is in this life that makes my heart skip.

I've learned who I am and what I am passionate about, and I have seen what that does for me as a single woman.

I have discovered what I have to offer to this world, and one day, to another person. I am content knowing I am just as fulfilled and just as happy being alone than I would be sharing my life with someone else.

Right now is when I will do all of the work, so when the time comes and that someone falls into my life, he will know that what stands before him.

And when he does make his appearance and shows me how love is going to look from that point on, I will know that what I have to offer is a woman as a whole, with an overfilled heart with the kind of love that doesn't come from just anywhere.

It is the kind of love you only find deep inside a person who has made the journey to find happiness and bliss within themselves first. Until it happens, I will keep on living it up and be single.