Guys Reveal Why They Love Their Partners & You'll Cry So Much, People Will Ask If You're OK

by Candice Jalili

It's kind of hard to remember that something as magical and wonderful as real LOVE can still exist. It's especially hard when our world is starting to feel like it's turned into a reality show in which we are all unwilling participants. But alas, a recent Reddit thread reminded us that it really is still out there.

The thread asked guys to explain their reasons for loving their girlfriends, and boy, oh, boy, did they deliver with the responses.

This one's for anyone who's ever wondered, "Why do guys love their girlfriends?" Prepare your tear ducts, and check out what these guys had to say for yourself below.

She means "everything" to him.

She "gets" him.

She actually cares about what he's interested in.

She gives him the confidence to do anything.

View Apart

She's always there when he needs her.

She appreciates the worst parts of him.

She showed him a kind of love he didn't know existed.

She's the girl version of him.

She still makes his heart skip a beat.

Chelsea Victoria

She knows how to bring him out of his shell.

She's beautiful no matter what.

She likes him just the way he is.

She's his other half.

She literally makes him LOL.

Stephen Morris

She never gives up on him.

She's been her amazing self for almost two decades.

OK, now, wipe those tears off your face and get back to work.

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