Katie Ledecky doesn't speak about her dating life.

Katie Ledecky’s Relationship History Is A Total Mystery

If the Olympian has waded into the ~dating pool~ at all, then fans don’t know about it.

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Ever since she won her first Olympic gold medal at age 15 at the 2012 London Games, Katie Ledecky’s personal life has been a topic of interest. At the time, she was making headlines for becoming one of the best competitive swimmers in the world, and she trained so hard that she quickly became a five-time Olympic gold medalist by the age of 19. Due to her massive success, fans are curious to know more about the athlete’s relationship history, including who Katie Ledecky is dating. But as any private person will tell you, they never kiss and tell.

Over the years, Ledecky has focused more on her career than sharing details about her personal life on social media. She’s not one to gush about a romantic conquest that she’s had or rave about someone who’s stolen her heart. Instead, the powerhouse has put her all into her work and that just shows how amazing she is. Perhaps she’s interested in finding a partner one day, but at the moment, Ledecky is more focused on being the best swimmer in the world. And I have a feeling she plans on proving just how talented she is at the belated 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

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During a May 2021 interview with Forbes, Ledecky revealed how she’s been training for the event. “Each day I work on getting better,” she said. “One thing my coaches say is that I fail spectacularly in practice — and that’s something that I actually work toward.” Ledecky added that failing is one of the greatest lessons because it pushes her beyond her comfort zone. “Failing spectacularly describes what I aim for in practice on a regular basis, where I am pushing the limits and am so aggressive, or trying to hit certain times, that there is a chance that I might fall off and not make those goals,” she explained. “And that I push myself to a breaking point.”

Ledecky said her aim is to break more world records and to become a legend. And with her track record, it’s not impossible. With six Olympic medals under her belt (as well as any she may pick up in Tokyo), it seems to me Ledecky’s focus isn’t on dating right now, which is A-OK.