7 Unexpected Places To Meet Single Guys That You Absolutely Need To Try This Weekend

by Alison Segel

I once read an article that said you should meet men in a hospital cafeteria because cute doctors will most likely be eating there.

Listen: I do not think you should be hanging out in hospitals in an attempt to meet cute doctors. That is very insane and desperate.

But there have to be better places to meet a guy than, say, a bar or a club. Club guy is not boyfriend material. And drunk "let me buy you a shot" guy at the bar is not the guy I want to introduce to my mom and dad.

So for some new ideas, I asked Alessandra Conti, a Los Angeles-based matchmaker and dating expert, about some unexpected places to meet single guys this weekend.

1. While Waiting In Line


Trying to figure out how to pass the time while the line at the coffee shop is taking forrrevvverrrr? Well, hit on someone!

"I always say that lines are a single girl's best friend! Whether it is a line at Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Whole Foods, Sweetgreen, or even the line to get your tickets at a live show, these are incredible opportunities to meet new guys," Conti says.

Plus, it's pretty easy to start a conversation because they're usually trapped and can't go anywhere. Added bonus!

Conti explains that the only thing you really do while waiting in line is looking at your phone, so she suggests, "Step one is: Put your phone down! While you are in the line, ask the cute guy in front of you if he knows what is actually in a soy caramel flan frappuccino — essentially break the ice."

2. At A Dog Park

Matt Aunger/Unsplash


"Dog parks are great places to meet cute single guys — and if you're anything like the women that I matchmake, the guys who you are seeing must love dogs!" Conti says. "Even if you don't have a shih tzu of your own, put on your Lululemon workout attire and take a jog around the local dog park. (A quick Google search will show you where to go!)"

Oh no, I have to workout and hit on guys? Hey, at least you're practicing your multitasking.

She explains, "Once you are jogging, make sure to interact with the dogs at the park, and ask their cute owners what kind of breed they are. By starting a casual conversation about dogs, the guy will feel comfortable to then continue the conversation with the cute girl he just met who already has bonded with his best friend."

You know the saying: A way to a man's heart is through his dog.

3. Volunteering With Habitat For Humanity

Want to meet a good guy? Well, meet one who volunteers.

"Kill two birds with one stone and help out the community while meeting philanthropic men!" Conti suggests.

You'll be doing something good for yourself and your love life at the same time.

She adds, "There are a bunch of different volunteer opportunities happening in and around your city every week — just pick a cause that you feel strongly about and volunteer! It is just an added bonus that there may be a few cute guys there who can help you with a hammer!"

4. At Your Friend's Apartment Pool

Margot Pandone/Unsplash

Flirting poolside is a great way to beat the heat. And according to Conti, you should use the hot weather to your advantage:

We are in the first weeks of summer, and a great summer place to meet boys is at your friends' pools! The beauty of apartment complexes in most cities is that there are a ton of single people inhabiting them, and everyone congregates at the pool over the weekend.

Bummer if you're trying to binge-watch your favorite show inside your apartment, but great for if you're looking to sunbathe and meet the love of your life.

Conti says you should try to be as social as possible with your neighbors: "Ask if they want anything to eat or if they can help you blow up your T-Swift-inspired swan float."

5. At Some Sort Of Sporting Event

Buena Vista Pictures

Time to play ball.

"I personally know very little about sports, but as a matchmaker, I do know that sports quite literally bring all the boys to the yard," Conti says. "Whether you go all in and join a community sports league (Google 'sports leagues near me') or you simply go to a sports bar when a big game is happening, sports equals a whole lot of guys."

This doesn't mean show up in a pink jersey (please don't do that unless you really love sports and your pink jersey), but you can hang and enjoy the fun.

Conti continues, "The biggest thing to remember is to be social when you are either playing or watching the sport."

But remember to be aware of what's going on: "Don't mess with a guy who is alone and engrossed in every play of the game; chat up the group who are clearly there for the camaraderie."

6. At A Museum


Personally, I love to go to the museum alone, and it's a great place to meet like-minded guys who would rather spend the day surrounded by art and culture instead of, say, beer and buffalo wings.

While you're there, ask a guy you see what his favorite painting is or what wing of the museum he might recommend.

Then, it could be almost like an automatic first date.

7. In The Library


Have you heard that millennials are singlehandedly bringing back libraries? Well, that's a pretty good indicator that, if you go to one, you're likely to stumble across a bunch of smart, creative 20-somethings. And some of them are bound to be single.

But Conti says that really, you can meet guys anywhere. You just have to be "outgoing and talkative."

"I once met a guy by asking him, 'Is this a book?' (Yes, this is a direct quote). We laughed, and I got his card to match with one of my clients," Conti says. "The worst thing that can happen is that they don't say anything, and then, you were no worse off than you were before."

So happy flirting this weekend. But whatever you do, please don't go hang out at the hospital.