When You Find The Right Person, She'll Be The Most Beautiful Girl You Know

by Eric Santos

I believe guys should only date the most beautiful girls they know. Maybe this sounds a bit vain, but please allow me to explain.

I am dating an amazing girl; she is the most beautiful girl I know. I do not say this to be nice; it is simply a fact to me. In my eyes, she is the most beautiful person I've ever met.

No, I do not look like Ryan Gosling, and yes, I know more than three girls. Maybe you’re thinking, “How did you get so lucky?” Well, it’s really quite simple: All I did was take the time to get to know her.

When I first met Vanessa, she was drop-dead gorgeous, but she wasn't necessarily the most beautiful girl I knew. This perception changed over time as I really grew to get to know her.

As I learned more about her, I discovered her personality was just as beautiful as her lovely outer surface. Her already gorgeous outer appearance became even more stunning over time; imperfections became unique qualities and her features illuminated.

It seemed that the more I learned about her, the more beautiful she became each day. After a couple of months of dating, she became the most beautiful girl I know.

Every guy should strive to date the most beautiful girl he knows. It may seem like an ambitious proposition, but it’s entirely obtainable. It all comes down to how much effort you're willing to put into getting to know someone.

Of course, physical attraction is very important — heck, it was the most important thing to me for years -- but getting to know someone's personality, dreams and vulnerabilities is how you will really gauge how beautiful someone is.

Also, dating the most beautiful girl you know makes dating ridiculously easy. You know that you could look around, but at the end of the day, you already have what you’re looking for. Although checking out girls from time to time is inevitable, it will happen a lot less.

When you are dating the most beautiful girl you know, it means you took the time to get to know this person very well. Getting to really know someone is a very rewarding process; as you get to know someone, you’ll be more open, which is much better than holding back out of fear for getting hurt.

If you’re dating someone who isn't the most beautiful girl you know, either A) You might not have had enough time yet to really get to know her, or B) She really isn’t the most beautiful girl you know. If the latter statement rings true for you, it might be time to re-evaluate your relationship.

This isn’t meant to sound mean or harsh, but in all honesty, you shouldn't have to settle for less. Life is too short and full of too much beauty for you not to have it always accompany you.

This doesn't necessarily mean you always have to go after the baddest chick in the club — although, I am not against this approach. It just means you should find a girl who is beautiful in ways beyond just aesthetics. Get to know as much as you can about her and if she eventually becomes the most beautiful girl you know, hold onto her.

Your girl doesn't have to be a model; she just needs to be one in your eyes. Just remember, beauty is the eye of the beholder -- you’re the beholder.