So You Met A Girl? 9 Ways To Turn Your Texts Into A Date

by Kyle C.
Davide Illini

The great thing about texting is that you can think it through and hide your emotions. Unlike in a conversation, when you don't have much time to prepare an answer and the tone of your voice might betray your lack of confidence, texting gives you a great advantage. I see it as a fantastic tool to set up meetings and dates quickly.

In this article, I'm going to go over the best ways to get her to reply to your texts and make sure she shows up at that meeting.

1. Text her the same night of your approach.

The three-day rule is gone; get with the program. Waiting three days is more detrimental than beneficial because your first impression has already faded, and the girl probably settled on other plans with some other guy who approached her the same night you did.

I believe it's great to text her right when or immediately after she gives you her number (while you're still talking or just after you leave). This way, she'll have your phone number, and you won't have to do much explaining when you text her the next time.

Besides, you'll make a better impression by texting her something cute right away. You can prepare some generic texts or, even better, you can make up one that is directly connected to the conversation you had.

Also, by texting her on the approach night, it will enable you to establish a connection in texting. This means she can also text you the following day and/or she'll be more open to replying to your texts.

2. Be personal.

When sending the first text, always refer to something that has already been discussed. Something you already know about her, something you both talked about and connected over.

For instance, if she mentioned she has a pet, you can say “Say hello to Rover for me!” If you found a point of interest, cling to it: “Glad to know there's somebody left in the world I can play chess with.”

Also, by mentioning her name (WHICH YOU SHOULD), you personalize the message and make it friendlier.

3. Text with a purpose.

If you got a solid phone number (namely if you talked for a while the previous night, and she seemed interested in getting to know you better), you could aim for a text date the following day.

Aim your texting at building trust if she looked suspicious about your approach.

If she somehow seemed to lack interest, your text should try to be funny and flirty.

4. Override the conversation.

In texts, you can be bolder than in direct conversation. So, make use of this advantage to show off self-confidence and to intrigue her.

When aiming for a date, don't ask her if she's available, but rather text “You and me…pasta tonight. Italian restaurant. George Street. At 8 pm.” If she doesn't answer back in the next couple of hours just send a “?”

If she still fails to reply, text her (again after a couple of hours) saying something like:

“No problem if you can't make it. My neighbor never gets tired of pasta.”

If she likes you even a little, she'll start wondering whether your neighbor is a “she” or a “he.” She might just text you back to find out.

Besides, often times, just assuming the fact that her lack of replies is a rejection will make her text back. There's something about women that makes them want to have “the last word” in everything, so she'll text you back in some way.

5. Be decisive, and never give her the chance to change her mind.

Whether she already agreed to a date and you just want to double-check if it's still on or you assume she'll come (by the solid approach you had), yet she failed to give you a positive clear reply -- you can text her to get that confirmation.

“I had an extra busy day. Did I say eight or nine tonight? Nine works better for me. Is that OK?”

6. Timing means a lot.

First, you need to text her pretty soon after your encounter -- the same night, the following day -- and you also need to have a date scheduled in the same week. Delaying texting or prolonging it will, in most cases, lead to boredom and rejection. Every beginning has its excitement; make sure you exploit it.

Secondly, don't text her when you know or suppose she's busy. Your text will not only bother her, but she's also less likely to reply. If you don't know her schedule, consider texting in the evening.

Another great idea is to ASK her, when getting the number, when a convenient time would be for a text. I often do this, then stick to that moment she agreed upon and send the first text. She basically has to reply because she told you she will in the first place.

Third (and also very important), don't text her incessantly. Wait for a while to reply to her texts, and consider a couple of hours break between your own messages. Even when she seems excited about your texting, let her “boil” a little before sending another one. This will make her even more willing to hear from you and to meet you.

And, especially when she takes a lot of time in replying, do the same. I sometimes even go so far as waiting two days to text back. But I don't care as much about one particular girl so this may not be as great for you.

7. Be short and give her something to look for.

A 100-word text is inevitably dull and hard to grasp. Stick to the point, and make it exciting.

If she said she likes pasta, the Italian place is great. If she mentioned a type of music she likes, ask her out in a venue that plays it.

Also, it is great if you manage to keep some mystery about you. Girls are extremely curious, so a great text option is to only hint at the place you're taking out. When your approach was solid and you already built a level of trust you can write:

“I've got a nice surprise for you tonight. Meet me in front of X at 8 pm…Can't tell you the place we're going, but be sure to bring your dance shoes/a great appetite.”

8. How to push for an answer.

When the girl gives you no reply in about five hours, the worst thing you can do is to send her something in the lines of: “Why aren't you answering??? I can see you read my messages,” “WTF is going on? Is it so hard for you to send a text back?”

A much more effective text is something like:

“I see that you're busy. No worries, text me when you've got the time.”

In this way, you'll show you are polite, far from needy and altogether a manly man. What's more, she'll believe you gave up on her. And even if she doesn't like you that much (for now), she'll most likely text you back just to see if she can turn you around, unknowing that you're actually doing it on her.

9. Check your spelling.

It may seem obvious but, spelling is paramount in getting her to answer back. If you send her a text like”Gr8 2 meet U” or “Greed to meat you” (a little exaggerated, but you get the point) -- the only message you're going to convey is that you're unlettered.

Stop attributing your grammatical errors to your phone's thesaurus, and double check your texts to avoid making a fool of yourself. Besides, although you might think that symbols, abbreviations and smiley faces are cool, believe me, they are not when they're overused. Don't make your text an indecipherable pun; stay simple and neat.

There you have it, a quick and easy guide that you can follow in order to get her to reply to your texts.


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