What Happens When You Crash A Wedding, According To 9 People Who've Done It


If you've ever seen the movie "Wedding Crashers," I'm sure you've imagined what it would be like to put on a dress or a nice tuxedo and spend the night dancing and laughing in a room filled with complete strangers who've mistaken you for just another wedding guest. It sounds like a night of endless thrill, where you can be anybody you want.

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to cheer with a bunch of bridesmaids while they ask you how you know the happy couple or pose for pictures with other wedding guests you'll never see again, look no further: Here are nine people who admit what it was really like when they crashed a wedding.

Spoiler alert: It wasn't always as glamorous as they thought it would be.

1. "We got thrown out."

– Joey N, 25

2. "Nobody even noticed."

– Seth G, 28

3. "I got a date."

– Craig J, 31

4. "The food was incredible."

– Joel P, 23

5. "The father of the groom asked for help."

– Michael C, 29

6. "I scored a party favor."

– Andrew J, 25

7. "It started a huge brawl."

– Danny H, 25

8. "I lost my phone."

– Blake M, 29

9. "I hooked up with a bridesmaid."

– Leo L, 22