Guys Reveal Your Physical “Flaws” That They Actually Find Really Sexy

by Alexia LaFata

There's a lot of pressure for women to fit a mold of what our culture considers beautiful. We have to be tall, but not too tall. Slender, but with hips and boobs, and neither can be too wide or too big. We have to have a symmetrical face. A perfect button nose. Long, shiny hair. Straight, pearly white teeth. Clear skin.

Unfortunately, nobody looks like that, because every model we see on Instagram and every celebrity we see in magazines, television shows, and movies is either getting some serious makeup and lighting help, or Photoshopped.

Still, we beat ourselves up for not having this perfect, flawless physique. We pick apart our bodies and interpret the very human aspects of our physical appearance as "flaws." We fear nobody will find us — cellulite, big nose, stretch marks, and all — attractive.

But the men of Reddit are here to let you know that more people than you think find your "flaws" sexy. Of course, you shouldn't need a guy to remind you you're beautiful in order for you to feel beautiful... but I'm not going to lie and say it doesn't help to hear.

Here are some of those "flaws" that you probably don't like about yourself, but that lots of men really like:

A Speech Impediment

Dark Undereye Circles

Broad Shoulders



Weird Noses

Flat Chests

Short Hair

Imperfect Teeth

Stretch Marks

Lower Belly Fat


Thicker Body


Big Butts

Pale Skin


Round Face

Neck Fat

Now, go forth and be the sexy, flawed human you are!

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