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The Gift Your Partner Wants For The Holidays, Based On Their Zodiac Sign
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You can be totally smitten by someone, take diligent notes on their likes and dislikes, snoop for potential present ideas, and still not know what to gift them on special occasions. But before you throw in the towel and buy them a gift card (no shade to gift card stans!), look to the stars to determine what to gift your partner for the holidays. It doesn't matter if your partner is "the Co-Star type," a casual consumer of astro memes, or a total astrology non-believer. Their zodiac sign can offer you way more insight into their personality than they think.

Brownie points for you if you've figured out your partner's birth chart. Peep the list below and keep an eye out for your partner's moon sign and Venus sign. These can give you even more guidance into their likes and dislikes, hence, even more brilliant gift ideas. With that in mind, relax, warm up some hot cocoa, and start taking notes on what to surprise your partner with this year, based on their zodiac sign.

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Capricorn: Something To Make Life Easier

Make Capricorn's hectic life less stressful with a pragmatic gift, like this nifty Casetify phone sanitizer.

Aquarius: A Gift That Gives Back

Aquarius is a philanthropist at heart. Give them something that leans into their signature quirkiness, but also gives back. The proceeds from this pre-rolled CBD flower joint benefit the Last Prisoner Project, an organization dedicated to helping women incarcerated on low-level cannabis offenses.

Pisces: Something To Nurture Their Soul

Pisces is the quintessential dreamer and mystic of the zodiac. Help them grow philosophically with gifts like a meditation app subscription, incense, or books on spirituality.

Aries: An Outlet For Their Energy

Aries is an adventurous, impulsive ball of energy who loves attention. Get them something that will help them re-direct their energy in a productive direction and keep them occupied. This mini exercise bike can fit under their workstation, so they can break a sweat while getting that bread.

Taurus: A Gift To Keep Them Cozy

As hardworking as this sign is, they also have the art of relaxation on lock. Gift Taurus something luxurious this holiday season, like these velvety, jewel-tone pillow cases.

Gemini: A Daily Dose Of Brain Food

Gemini loves learning — about the world, about their community, and about themselves. One Question A Day: A Five-Year Journal is a great opportunity for them to set aside some introspective time for themselves every day.

Cancer: A Reward For Their Softness

Cancer is the quintessential softie of the zodiac. They tend to take care of everyone else before caring for themselves. Help your heartfelt water-sign lover nurture themselves in their natural habitat: the bathtub.

Leo: Something As Extra As They Are

Who can command an audience like Leo? Help your partner turn heads with these show-stopping faux croc boots in ice blue. Your partner will never want to take them off.

Virgo: A Gift To Help Them Stay Flawless

Virgo never does anything in halves, and that includes hygiene. Any sort of grooming gift, like this Kalamazoo Beard and Facial Wash from Lush, is a safe bet for this earth sign.

Libra: An Indulgence In Knowledge & Beauty

Love it or hate it, your Libra partner is always doing it for the aesthetic. This ornate tarot deck and guidebook, featuring bada** women from history, will help them feed their intellectual curiosity.

Scorpio: A Gift To Celebrate Their Dark Side

As the quiet rebel of the zodiac, Scorpio lives for subtle-but-impactful touches. Something like this copper and aubergine gift set from Fluide Beauty would be right up Scorpio's alley.

Sagittarius: Anything That Encourages Dreaming

Even though they don't have their head in the clouds quite like Pisces, Sagittarius is a dreamer — they're just a more practical one. A gift like this travel journal, which helps them keep track of dreams made reality, would align with Sag's nature perfectly.

Whether you shop these ideas directly or use them as a springboard, rest assured you've got your partner covered for the holiday season.

Happy shopping, friends.

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