What Really Constitutes Cheating Anyway? 7 People Reveal Their Limits

The idea of your partner cheating on you truly sucks. The hurt, the broken trust, the heartache and the difficult road to either a new life or forgiveness is a sh*tty experience.

But what is cheating really, anyway? It all depends on who you ask.

When one Reddit user posed the question, "What do you consider cheating? Where do you draw the line?" people came out in droves to express their own personal relationship limits.

Check out a few of the responses below and share with us your cheating limit in the comments below.

Cheating can be all about intent.

It can also be as simple as being alone with another person.

Some consider cheating to be breaking any rules...

...While others consider cheating anything you wouldn't do in mixed company.

Many people said cheating isn't just about sex.

Users noted anything you have to "hide" may be in the cheat zone.

But the majority of users said anything sexual was crossing the line.

Which of these cheating descriptions do you align with most?