These Are The Weirdest Dating Deal-Breakers, According To 9 People

I once couldn't date a guy because he was too short for me (which really sucked because I had major feelings for him).

I didn't date this other guy because his nose was a little too big, and there was this other guy whose voice was just a little too high-pitched for my liking.

Then, there was the other side of it. I've had people write me off because apparently, I was too "self-centered," too much of a "hot mess" and "not white."

I'm not going to lie; hearing that hurt.

OK, dating is hard. That much has been established.

We all have our own personal deal-breakers. But when it comes to deal breakers, when are we being crazy, and when are we just being reasonable? There's kind of a fine line.

Some would say that to completely write someone off just because his nose is too big is ludicrous or shallow, while other people (me) would say a reason like that is perfectly acceptable to use.

Here are nine people on all their weirdest dating deal-breakers:

OK, this girl's logic weirdly kind of makes sense.

There's no "we" in Wii?

Is there a word for a "Lord Of The Rings" fetish?

Or a Victoria's Secret one?

What about this guy, who REALLY hates Taylor Swift?

This is just getting ridiculous.

This girl takes religion very seriously.

This guy is eco-friendly to the point of pickiness.

And this girl will date only sexual superheroes.

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