The 4 Edgy Wedding Trends For 2017 You Need To Know About

Alita Ong

If you're planning on walking down the aisle in 2017, you still have time to find ways to make your wedding feel less generic and cookie-cutter, and more like a celebration that has personality, originality and even a modern-day twist to it.

The first thing you should do is reevaluate all the wedding traditions everyone told you to have at your wedding. Do you really want to wear a veil, toss a bouquet or read wedding vows?

But if you're really going to spice up your wedding, you'll need to stay on top of the latest interesting trends.

So take a look at these 2017 wedding ideas you should know about ASAP, so you can add the ones you like most into the wedding of your dreams (and not the dreams of your parents and friends):

1. Paper over flowers

Alita Ong

If you're looking for an alternative to traditional flowers for your wedding — whether for bouquets, centerpieces or just decorations around your venue — one less expensive, super creative trend is using paper flowers, instead.

If you're a DIY kind of person, you can make these paper flowers on your own, or you can enlist the help of a florist.

2. Naked cakes

Adrian Cotiga

While the name might sound like something R-rated, it's actually the newest trend in wedding desserts.

"Unfrosted wedding cakes" (for the conservative folks) are becoming more and more popular. Bakers only frost in-between the cake tiers, leaving the outside bare and exposed. It definitely adds for a more rustic wedding look.

And for those who still have some reservations about naked cakes, remember, a cake is a cake, and your guests will eat it as long as it tastes good.

3. Velvet bridesmaid dresses

Ulaş and Merve

If you want to move away from the polyester bridesmaid dresses that will have your bridal party counting down the minutes until they can rip them off, there's a new, velvety trend that might have them excited to say yes to the bridesmaid dress.

Velvet is growing in popularity in everyday fashion, and now the trend has moved to bridesmaid dresses as well.

The fabric alone will make the dress feel less like one from the ancient days and more like one they'd pick up at a store to wear again and again.

4. Statement-making capes

Studio Firma

Though, it may make you feel like you're dressing up for Halloween when you try on a wedding dress with a cape attached, it's the newest bridal trend for 2017.

A statement cape attached to your gown will give your dress an overall vintage, elegant look. It's perfect for weddings in the spring and the summer or for brides who are looking to do something new and even a little weird with their wedding dress.