11 Ways To Tell If The Guy You're Dating Is Confident, Or Cocky

by Alexa Mellardo

There's something special about that guy who instantly makes all the girls swoon when he walks into a room.

Sure, he may be damn fine, but it's that sexy air of confidence he exudes that sets him apart from the rest in the pack. He steals the show simply upon his entrance.

Confidence is one of the most desirable qualities a guy can have, and most gals would agree they find it so dang irresistible.

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Sometimes, however, it can be easy for the handsome, successful guy to tip the scale and be a bit too full of himself. There's not one type of person most of us can't stand more than the pompous, arrogant ass.

YEP, you know the guy I'm talking about.

He's the dude who loves to hear himself talk, and can't help but stop to check himself out in a department store mirror. Can't have that slicked hair out of place, now can we?

Once you get to know him, he turns out to be nothing like self-assured guy... he's just plain old cocky.

Here are 11 ways to tell the difference between the confident dude and the cocky one:

1. A guy's walk can tell a lot about him. A confident guy will unknowingly make you drool, while the cocky guy will walk down the street looking around to see who's watching him.

2. A confident guy will make an effort to get to know your group of friends. A cocky guy will try to compete with them because he's jealous of the guys in your crew. He could honestly care less about making a good impression on them.

3. A confident guy will admit when he's wrong. A cocky guy thinks he knows everything even though half the time he has absolutely no clue.

4. A confident guy will want to get to know you, and he'll want you to open up to you, too. A cocky guy will want to know details about you, but thinks you have no right to know things about him.

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5. A confident guy will be outgoing. A cocky guy will be nauseating, wanting all of the attention on him 24/7.

6. A confident guy is modest. A cocky guy will consistently brag and casually flash his hundred dollar bills when paying.

7. A confident guy will have pictures with his friends, family and his adorable dog on his Facebook. A cocky guy will have ALL the mirror selfies, because he's conceited.

8. A confident guy is understated. He's happy about his accomplishments, and doesn't need anyone else's approval to make himself feel better. The cocky guy needs, and looks for, compliments, because he's so insecure.

9. A confident guy has a natural killer smile that makes you melt every single time. A cocky guy sports a smile that looks like he's practiced it in front of the mirror a billion times.

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10. A confident guy will be happy to have you by his side, and will make it known. A cocky guy will forget you're there because he is so self-absorbed.

11. A confident guy is a planner, and is always down for something spontaneous and fun with his main girl. A cocky guy is a plotter -- he'll want the best seat in the house so he gets noticed.

Even though it may not be very obvious at first glance, there's definitely a fine line between the guy whose confidence steals your heart, and the guy whose cockiness makes you want to sprint for the hills.