9 Ways Mentally Strong People Fall In Love Differently

Some people fall in love different than the rest... and they may not even know it.

People who are mentally strong believe falling for someone can be so spectacular and grand, but it doesn't always come with all of the bells and whistles it so graciously boasts.

That doesn't mean they don't fall as hard, but they approach love with a sensible attitude.

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Love can be passionate and addicting, while it also has the capability to disappoint and hurt people.

Getting too attached to someone too soon has the potential to break a heart... and no one wants to be in that place.

Here are nine ways only mentally strong people fall in love.

1. You have a realistic outlook on love.

You believe having your head in the clouds could toy with your heartstrings, so you approach love with a smart head on your shoulders.

2. You don't have expectations.

… Because you don't want to set yourself up for disappointment.

3. You're not cold, you're just being cautious.

You keep some sort of an emotional guard up until you know the guy you're falling for is the real deal.

4. You can smell a player from a mile away, and don't get caught up in the game he spits.

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Yeah, a player could definitely be a fun time while he's playing… but you know that once a player, always a player.

5. You're highly in tuned with your emotions.

YES, the mentally strong girl DOES have a lot of big emotions, but you know how to take control of them. You never let them be the boss of you... because you know better than that.

6. You make decisions with your mind, before involving your heart.

You take everything into consideration. Sure, he can be a handsome catch, but if he's a pompous jerk, he's toast.

7. When you DO give your heart to someone, you hold that person on a pedestal.

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… Because you know the good guys come few and far between.

8. You don't allow toxic input to affect your love life.

If you're falling hard for someone, you don't allow negative opinions from a toxic friend or family member impact your decision. They're just trying to bring you down, because they can't fathom the thought of you being happy.

Falling in love is something no one can take away from you. It's YOUR decision, and yours alone.

9. You'll never take someone back after he shows his first red flag.

You may have been down that road before, and you're not about to go down it again. If that voice inside your head tells you something's up, that's because it probably is.

You value that little voice, because it always has your best interests at heart.

The mentally strong girl may fall in love differently than the rest, and she has her reasons.

Love comes with a double-edged sword… and it's a pretty sucky feeling when you're on the sharper side that's known to cut deeper.