3 Reasons Why It's Okay That You're Vulnerable When It Comes To Love

by Natasha Artwell

Many of the greatest things that happen to us in life are just on the other side of fear.

Risk taking, in the most positive sense, can bring us new beginnings, great adventures and provide memories that will last us a few lifetimes over.

Actively choosing to put ourselves in a position of vulnerability for a greater purpose is a rewarding experience. Sometimes, not having a lot to lose can put you in a position of strength.

We take these risks and embrace the sense of vulnerability because there is something within us that tells us it will all be okay. This something is an overwhelming sense of intuition that speaks to you so loudly it cannot be silenced.

But, then, there’s love. Love is the thing that makes the world go round: We can’t see it, but we witness it every day. We can’t touch it, but we feel it all the time. We can’t hear it, but it speaks to us incessantly. Love gives us the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

Love is what drives us; it keeps our hearts warm and our souls safe.

Love is your favorite song; it's the sound of a saxophone playing in the distance on a dark and cold winter night. It's looking into the eyes of your mother, best friend or partner. It's staying up until 5 am, talking to that single person who's able to make you feel this way.

Love is a helping hand, a smile and a feeling of contentment through a hug or a stroke to your forehead. Love is you. Being vulnerable has an often-negative connotation.

We don’t like to be vulnerable. It can make us anxious, which leads to second-guessing ourselves, doubting ourselves and putting ourselves in situations in which we don’t really want to be.

When it comes to love, however, being vulnerable is something over which we don’t have a lot of control. This makes the process of falling in love so euphoric. Our inhibitions leave us as each day and open us up to the possibility of something truly life-changing.

It can come from nowhere; you could be waiting for a train or walking into your apartment, and suddenly, you meet that person who will make you feel the most vulnerable you have felt in your entire life. It could be the most beautiful thing you ever experience.

It Teaches You How To Trust

To be in love with someone is to be vulnerable. It is giving that person all of yourself and trusting him or her to not break you.

Being in love is to be vulnerable because it is letting someone into your bubble and hoping the person won't burst it.

There’s a chance that person will, and you know this to be true, but love is greater than those doubts, so you continue forward and trust that neither of you will harm your most valuable possessions — your hearts.

If You Let It, It Can Be The Best Feeling In The World

We have all been hurt in some way or another. Whether through personal mistakes or someone else’s actions, we all know what it feels like. Living a lifetime without any experience of pain is just unimaginable.

The thing is, we know how it feels to fall in love, so we take the risks, time and time again, because we know it is the most incredible experience in the world.

Some of us take a few years out while we heal; others put themselves in vulnerable positions almost instantly.

When you witness and experience true love and allow yourself to become vulnerable to another human being, the dirty footprints from your past start to fade away.

It’s Hard To Ignore

You are stronger than you think. Love can burn us. We know that if we put a finger in a burning flame it will hurt, so we avoid it. If something causes us pain, then we avoid it; we don’t spend the rest of our lives trying to relive the moment or trying it out with a new source of pain.

But, love is a different kind of potential pain we endure.

We put ourselves in the same positions again and again; we open up and welcome vulnerability because vulnerability and love are like the beginning of our own books: Once we start the story, each page is more gripping than the last, so we carry on reading in hopes that there is a happy ending.

And, that's exactly why it is okay to be vulnerable when it comes to love. It is not your weakness; in fact, it's a strength we continue to feed in all aspects of our lives.