7 Reasons Virgos Always Have The Most Intense, Rewarding Relationships

Jayme Burrows

We Virgos are a distinct, intense breed.

We're loyal, compassionate and giving, but we're also often anxious, a bit self-righteous and meticulous to a high degree.

Loving a Virgo is equally as intense as it is rewarding. They will love harder than anyone you've ever loved, but loving them can be difficult sometimes. Just ask our mothers.

Here are seven wonderful things about Virgos you should know before dating one of us:

They think long and hard about everything.

This includes but is not limited to the future in general, your future as a couple (even if it's the first date), the outfit they're wearing, the people they'll invite to your potential wedding, the state of national politics, the way they'll raise their children, the thing they said at lunch the other day, the thing they said at lunch in 4th grade, the quote they had tattooed on them and if they've done enough planning for their retirement (even if they're 22 years old).

They will think just as hard about your relationship as they do the meaning of life, so be prepared to share what you think, too.

They like time alone to think about these things, but they've already spent much of their lives this way. When it comes to relationships, they'll find value in being able to share what's in their head with someone who understands or who's willing to listen. The best way to comfort a Virgo is to engage in that conversation; though, you'll probably never catch up to them.

Virgos rarely want your advice, but you can be a sounding board while they think through whatever issues arise. Reassure them when they get too self-critical. Living in their head can get lonely, so keep them company.

They are more thoughtful than you thought possible.

All of the thinking Virgos do means that they how to make people feel special.

They'll send you a note at work when you get a promotion or if you've been having a difficult time. They'll remember the brand of wine you loved on your trip to Barcelona in college, and they'll even track it down for your birthday dinner. They'll surprise you with a meaningful gift year after year because they've thought about what to get you all year long.

They even know how to be thoughtful with everyday things, like washing your socks after you mentioned you were out of clean ones.

Virgos don't expect anyone to be this thoughtful in return. In fact, they often like being the most thoughtful people in the room. If you manage to surprise your Virgo with something just as thoughtful now and then, they'll love you all the more (and they'll probably work harder to outshine you).

They'll take it hard if you betray them.

Virgos are intensely loyal and willing to be vulnerable with people they love. If you betray them, they will often feel more discouraged than other signs. They put their whole hearts into relationships, so coming to the realization that others aren't as invested is frustrating, if not devastating, for them.

No one should cheat at all, but you shouldn't cheat on a Virgo especially. Not only will these masters of intuition undoubtedly find out, but you will be breaking the trust of some of the most trusting people in the world. Trust and loyalty like theirs is hard to come by.

However, this is not to say that a betrayal is a definite deal breaker. As particular and strong-willed as Virgos are, they are equally as compassionate and forgiving, and they'll try their hardest to see the good in their friends and partners.

They've kissed a lot of frogs.

It's likely your Virgo has loved many a Mr. or Mrs. Wrong. It's not that these Virgos didn't see their partners' flaws. Rather, it's that they were willing to dedicate themselves to fixing flaws beyond their help. It's a blessing and a curse of being a Virgo. Sometimes their compassion is taken for granted.

Be sure to thank your Virgo for what they do for you, and be as dedicated to them as they will be to you. Don't be another frog.

They're curious about the world.

Virgos may not be the adventurous type, but they're incredibly curious about the world, life and the people with whom they share those things.

Virgos will push you to explore the world, not just geographically, but intellectually and emotionally. They are eager to live a full, vibrant life, and they want to take you with them, especially if you're a comforting presence. You will travel more, read more, experience more and do more when you fall in love with a Virgo. Be ready.

They're good friends.

They say the best relationships start as friendships, and this is particularly true for Virgos. They are good at many things, but being a great friend is their specialty.

They are good listeners, but better advisers. They will go out of their way to make sure you're happy and comfortable. They will defend you to the death and go to bat for you if duty calls.

They aren't always the most rational when it comes to themselves, but they are rational when it comes to others. You want a Virgo on your side, even as a friend.

They're great to bring home to Mom.

Virgos will get along well with your family, and they'll have no problem getting comfortable with them. They'll treat your family like their own, and jump in to help wherever needed (i.e. doing the dishes at holidays, babysitting younger siblings, lending a shoulder to cry on, etc.). It will be clear that your Virgo will make a great parent, which will satisfy your mother's eager urges for grandchildren.

Your parents will appreciate that your Virgo is hardworking, with clearly defined goals and plans for their future. Most importantly, Virgos are the kinds of people you bring home to mom because they're in it for the long haul.

Once you prove yourself to a Virgo, they'll value you as one of their closest friends and confidants, and they won't easily let you go.