On May 4, a vide of Sydney Sweeney getting catcalled at the Met Gala went viral.

Sydney Sweeney Responded To Getting Catcalled At The Met Gala On TikTok


Theo Wargo/WireImage/Getty Images

Unfortunately, Sydney Sweeney’s first Met Gala was not without its challenges. While the Euphoria star was posing for pictures on the red carpet, an unidentified voice allegedly sexually harassed her, seeming to make crude comments about her body. On May 4, a TikTok of the heartbreaking incident went viral, and all I can say is this video of Sweeney getting catcalled at the Met Gala is gross — but she had a no-BS response.

The video was originally posted by the New York Times fashion account on Instagram Stories, but it seems like they didn’t notice that part of the audio. (And they have yet to comment on it.) In the short clip, you can hear a male voice from the reporters’ section shouting at the actress. He seemed to say, “Sydney, does anybody have boobs like you down there? Come on, show us those boobs!”

Sweeney turned toward the catcaller before ultimately ignoring him and laughing the comments off. The TikTok user who reposted the video, @saboomafu, commented on the sitch, “You can tell that she heard it... It’s just crazy to think that you can be at the height of your career at, like, the most respectable event in fashion... and you’re still gonna get sexually harassed on the red carpet in front of all of your peers.” She added, “Is there no hope for any of us?”

In response to the video, the Met released a statement to BuzzFeed, “This was just brought to our attention — and we are neither clear if the allegation is accurate nor who the reporter may have been — yet surely we would not condone any of our guests being treated in this unprofessional manner.” Um, “unprofessional manner” sounds like a massive understatement.

Though Sweeney hasn’t addressed the video or the reporter’s question outright, @saboomafu did follow up her video by sharing a screenshot of Sweeney reportedly liking the video from her verified TikTok account @syds_garage. So it sounds like she agrees with the overall sentiment — what happened to her on the Met Gala red carpet was seriously messed up.

A source claimed to BuzzFeed News that the reporter actually yelled, “Does anyone have moves like you down there? Come on, show us those moves,” referring to Sweeney twirling in her dress. Though that would make the comment more appropriate, it doesn’t explain why Sweeney herself would “like” a video referring to the incident as alleged sexual harassment. Maybe she also misheard his words? (Elite Daily reached out to Sweeney for comment on the incident and what she heard, but did not hear back in time for publication.)

I just hope this unfortunate moment didn’t ruin Sweeney’s night too much. Based on her IG caption from the event, it sounds like she was able to put the words behind her. “What a dream night! The most fun on a carpet I’ve ever had,” she wrote.

Fingers crossed she walks the carpet again next year — and that the catcaller (whoever he is) won’t be invited.