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Pete Davidson comforted Kim Kardashian during her Met Gala dress fitting.

This Video Of Pete Comforting Kim Is Everything

The Met Gala fitting was stressful.

Gotham/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s romance is all anyone wants to talk about right now. (And by anyone, I mean me.) Fortunately, they’ve given me plenty to talk about. After attending the Met Gala together on May 2, a sweet behind-the-scenes video of Davidson comforting Kardashian went viral on TikTok — and now Davidson is officially the only guy in the history of mankind who can get away with telling his girlfriend to “relax.”

In the TikTok, posted May 3, Kardashian is trying on her (see: Marilyn Monroe’s) dress for the Met Gala, but it didn’t exactly fit. Though the moment was stressful, Davidson encouraged her, “You got it. You gotta push it.” Kardashian responded, “Push what?... Like, where?” Someone else responded, “Your a**... in.” (Not sure if that’s physically possible, but, hey, it’s the thought that counts!)

The quirky sweetness of the moment only grows from there. As Kardashian continued to stress over the dress zipping, Davidson tried his best to comfort her. After she said, “Once it gets up, it’ll fit the back,” Davidson responded, “Yeah, you’re good... You’re good, relax.” It didn’t exactly work. Kardashian followed up with, “Should I go to the gym?” Davidson kept his response consistent: “Relax.”

Though Kardashian didn’t verbally respond to her boyfriend’s encouragement, she did eventually rest her hand on his shoulder. And IDK if it’s just me, but that gesture somehow seems more poignant than words.

The cute behind-the-scenes moment gained over 13,000 likes on TikTok, and the comments section was full of fans gushing over Kete. (Welcome to the club, everyone!) One wrote, “I really do like them together, I think he brings her reassurance and balance.” Another commented on the moment, “Omg they’re so cute together.”

However, one fan was too busy fawning over Davidson to think too much about the adorableness that is Kete. “Pete is the star of the show. His character shines every time he is there,” they wrote. Quick, someone call Hulu, Davidson deserves his own reality show.

Cheers to Kete — and more BTS clips (please and thank you).