10 Unusual Gifts To Get Your BF Because He Probably Has Enough Shirts

If you're like many women, you probably have some trouble finding the perfect gift for your boyfriend or husband every year.

Most men will buy something when they need it, so when it comes time to buy them a gift, it seems like there's nothing left that they need.

Well, ladies, it's time to start thinking outside the box.

If you are with a man who seems to have everything, check out these 10 unusual gifts that are sure to surprise the men in your life:

1. A lunch box oven


Roadpro Portable Stove, $30, Amazon 

This is a great choice for any man who works outside or who drives a truck all day.

If your man wants a hot lunch while on the job, but doesn't want to spend money on takeout every day, a lunch box oven is a great gift.

It plugs right into the cigarette lighter of a car and can heat up any type of food.

2. A personalized bobblehead

If your man works at a desk all day, and you want to give him something more unique and original than a framed photo of you to keep on his desk, you should have a custom bobblehead created.

You can have one modeled after you, him or even the both of you together. It's a fun addition to a desk that's sure to start some funny conversations.

3. An air filter subscription

Air Filter Subscription, price varies, Quality Air Filters 

Many men lose track of when it's time to change the filter in their heating or HVAC system. And obviously, if you don't change the filters regularly, your heating system won't function as efficiently, resulting in a higher energy bill.

So if your man is pretty forgetful when it comes to these things, you can get him an air filter subscription. With the subscription, he'll automatically receive an air filter in the mail as soon as it's time to replace the old one.

4. Razor subscription

Dollar Shave Club

Razor Subscription, price varies, Dollar Shave Club

Most men shave pretty often, so they'll usually need to replace the blades in their razor. To save your guy some trouble, sign him up for a razor subscription.

Each month, he will receive a new razor in the mail, so he won't need to worry about buying new razors himself. You can even choose the type of razor and blade size he prefers.

5. Man candles

Uncommon Goods

ManCans, $13 each, Beaver Creek Candle Company 

If your guy has a man cave where he likes to hang out with his buddies, he probably won't want to fill it with flower-scented candles.

So rather than resorting to your lavender rose or midnight jasmine candles, you can get him candles with more unusual scents, like bacon, tobacco and sandalwood, Memphis-style BBQ, cannabis or freshly-cut grass.

6. Remote-control pillow

If your man is like most men (or anyone, really), he probably loses the remote often.

It'll fall between the couch cushions, get tangled up in the blankets or disappear into some other black-hole vortex, never to be seen again.

Try getting him a universal TV remote pillow. It's basically a throw pillow that's also a programmable remote. Gone are the days where he'll have to frantically search for the remote since, you know, he'll be lying on it.

7. Bluetooth gloves

Sharper Image

Sharper Image Bluetooth Gloves, $30, Sharper Image 

Gloves are absolutely a necessity in the cold weather, but wearing them can make using your phone's touchscreen pretty difficult.

These Bluetooth gloves act as a phone when they are linked to his normal cellphone. Rather than talking into his phone, he can talk into the pinky of his gloves and hear out of the thumb of the gloves.

And this way, he'll have no excuse for not answering your phone call.

8. Bacon salt

Seriously, who doesn't love bacon? If your man is a bacon lover, then naturally, he will love his own collection of bacon salt.

The kit contains multiple flavors of bacon salt, and he can use it while cooking or barbecuing, or he can use it to spice up an otherwise bland meal.

9. Suit pajamas


Suit Pajamas, $100, Amazon 

If your man is super concerned with the way he dresses, suit pajamas are an excellent gag gift. They look just like a three-piece suit, but they're comfortable enough to sleep in. His style won't have to take a backseat, even while he sleeps.

10. Beardski ski mask


Beardski Prospector Ski Mask, $30, Amazon 

If your man spends a lot of time outdoors during the winter, he'll love this warm and furry ski mask. Seriously, it looks just like a full beard.

So if you prefer a clean-shaven look, while your man prefers a full beard, this will give him his beard fix while still keeping his actual face smooth as ever — the perfect compromise for both of you.