This Story Of Two UberPOOL Customers Falling In Love Will Give You Hope


Love is out there, homies!

Ten minutes in an uberPOOL nine months ago is all it took for 27-year-old Hayley Mitchell to meet her boyfriend 28-year-old Charlie Algar.

That night, Hayley had just left a not-so-hot date with another guy she wasn't really into. She told MailOnline, "I was making my excuses quite quickly."

On her way out of her boring dud of a date, she meant to order a regular Uber but accidentally requested an uberPOOL.

While waiting for her ride, Hayley got an Uber notification that "Charlie," who she assumed was the driver, was on his way to get her.

When her ride arrived, she noticed someone in the front seat and assumed it was "a learner Uber driver or something."


Charlie introduced himself, and Hayley, taken aback by the fact that he wasn't actually her driver, responded, "Oh, you're Charlie."

Charlie then assumed Hayley knew who he was, based on her reaction.

This is when Hayley started to have some fun with the situation.

She said,

He thought that I knew him. I went along with it and said: 'I can't believe you don't remember me' and he looked very pale all of a sudden. He went on for about 10 minutes listing all these places we might have known each other from.

Before they pulled up to Charlie's place, Hayley came clean and admitted she had just been messing with him.

Luckily, Charlie found the prank as funny as she did.


Before he got out of the car, Charlie made sure to get her number.

She stored the number in her phone as "Charlie Uber," and just two days later, she got a text from him asking her out on their first date.

"It seemed a little too good to be true," Hayley admitted.

But her concerns turned out to be totally unfounded. In her own words, they simply "hit it off" on that magical first date, and the rest is history.

The lovebirds moved in together in October 2016 and are now looking forward to their very first Valentine's Day together, before their big, one-year anniversary in April.


Hayley mentioned to MailOnline, "We always joke we should send the Uber driver a bottle of Champagne!"

Honestly, I say they should do it! That guy hooked them up big time!

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