The 6 Types Of Guys Every Girl Is Guaranteed To Encounter In New York City

by Tabitha Shiflett

New York is full of eligible bachelors from promoters to artists to everything in between, and oh boy, you'll meet everything in between.

These are the six guys you're guaranteed to run into while dating in New York City.

1. The club promoter.

Hopefully, this isn't the first guy you meet, but if it is, be wary. Club promoters are only worried about one thing, and that's getting as many girls as possible lined up on that roped-off carpet. They may seem sweet, but usually, club promoters are scam artists who prey on the first pretty young thing they see.

Natural habitat: Anywhere with loud music, lights and cheap vodka. Usually found standing outside, cellphone in hand, waiting for his troupe of girls to show up.

Personality traits: Extroverted, shallow and conniving.

2. The daddy's boy.

You've definitely met this guy. He's self-centered, rich and arrogant. He's the type of guy who will talk down to you and still expect you to go home with him because he's not used to hearing the word “no.”

The conversation is usually dry and 100 percent about his fabulous life. He'll tell you he drives a Mercedes and that he owns half of Manhattan – none of this is true.

While his last name may be on the building down the street, you better believe he hasn't worked a day in his life. Manhattan is his father's city, not his.

Natural habitat: A high-end bar where a Jack and coke is $25 a pop.

Personality traits: Arrogant, whiney and boring.

3. The urban cowboy.

The urban cowboy is basically a unicorn in Manhattan. He's sweet, funny and knows how to have a good time. This is the kind of guy you definitely want to snatch up and keep. A date night to him could be anything from taking a dance class together to indulging in a bourbon tasting.

He's always up for anything and he hasn't forgotten what it means to be chivalrous. And, because he left his home town to “make it” in the big city, he knows a thing or two about the value of a dollar and hard work.

Natural habitat: Anywhere with a jukebox that plays Garth Brooks.

Personality traits: Selfless, lovable and humorous.

4. The bartender.

This guy is a hit-or-miss opportunity in NYC. Sometimes, bartenders are respectful dudes who are honestly just trying to hold a conversation with you. But other times, bartenders can be the ultimate heartbreaker.

Their job is to make money and what better way to do that than to flirt with each and every girl that comes in? Seems innocent enough, and it usually is, but sometimes there's that one bartender who makes you feel like you're the only one in the room—until you find yourself drowning in your feelings.

Natural habitat: Behind the bar, looking amazing.

Personality traits: Charismatic, goofy and a night owl.

5. The tourist.

Guys visiting New York seem to have this magical, movie-like scene playing in their mind at all times.

They are looking for a good time and they want you to give it to them – whether that means dancing all night, getting toasted at the bar or both.

They're typically harmless and are usually only visiting for a night or two. So, it wouldn't be too terrible to show them around to some of the best spots in town.

Natural habitat: Wandering cluelessly on the subway platform, with backpack and water bottle in tow.

Personality traits: Conversational, curious and spontaneous.

6. Aspiring (insert long list here).

New York is full of aspiring actors, writers, comedians, singers, musicians, artists, dancers etc. These guys are definitely entertaining and fun to be around. They'll talk your ear off, but it will be good, passionate conversation because the only thing on their mind is “making it.”

He'll probably ask you to come see one of his performances or paintings.

Natural habitat: A jazz club, poetry reading, or art gallery.

Personality traits: Intelligent, ambitious and insanely talented.